The Rhema Word About Rent Money

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rhemaI have 279 sermons and secular movies recorded on my DVR. It’s a little overwhelming. So, when I turned on my TV last Thursday, I mentally asked God what he wanted me to watch because I figure what he wants me to watch is what he wants me to convey to my readers. When I scrolled to Tony Evans, I thought, ‘That makes sense,’ because I hadn’t watched a May 26 sermon, and now that it’s September, AT&T was bound to delete it soon to make room for new recordings. While transcribing it, I learned about rhema words.

“This is when God calls your name. This is when you know he’s talking to you. Perhaps you’ve been in a service, and the sermon was for everybody, but you heard it for you. It was [as] though you were the only person there. You knew God was talking to you in your circumstance,” Evans said.

When I turned on Radio 1000 at noon the next day and Darrell Scott began talking about rhema words, I would’ve fallen out of my chair if I hadn’t been sitting two inches off the floor on a deflated bean bag. The sermon wasn’t just a coincidence, however. It was an actual rhema word because I — the person who became homeless in 2018 — don’t have enough money to pay rent. Like the old “Get Smart” show intro, one door after another slammed shut the past several weeks, beginning with a text from my father, who said he couldn’t keep helping me with rent because he’d spent $11,000 on windows for his house and had other bills. A little over a week later, my sole freelance client put his website on hold. A couple days after that, a woman I’ve been transcribing New Jersey court hearings for said she was taking time off because her husband was having surgery.

Other doors wouldn’t open.

other doors wouldn't open

Darrell Scott Explains Rhema Words

“For folks that don’t know — most of us do, some of us don’t — there are two primary Greek words utilized for the word ‘word,'” he said. “… [T]he word logos is where we get the word logic from, and we generally utilize the term logos in reference to the written word of God. The other is the word rhema, which is a specific word of God, a word that God speaks to us individually and specifically. The best way I can differentiate between the two is that you can read or study or dissect or examine the logos, but you react [to] the rhema.

you react to rhema words

“Rhema is a word that God speaks to you and … you can have read or studied or heard a particular scripture a thousand times, but then one day — one day, the light comes on, one day, the curtain is drawn back … until not only is that word real, [but] it becomes real to you in a way that it was not real to you before. And when it becomes real to you, no devil in hell can shake you, no devil in hell can scare you or sway you or faze you because you are fully persuaded [that] that word that you might have seen a thousand times is for you. …

Scott Echoes Monday’s Post About God Being Our Only Source

God is the source of my supply. … Look at somebody and tell them, ‘He will supply all of my needs according to his riches and glory … my physical needs, my mental needs, my emotional needs, my financial needs, everything my family needs, everything my marriage needs, everything I need in this life …’

old mother hubbard - empty cupboard
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“In examining [2 Kings 4:1-7] … [we see] a woman in desperation. She’s in dire straits. She’s got a problem. She’s on the horns of a dilemma. … [She] thought that her husband was the source of her supply, and her husband is now dead. … And the law at that time stated that if there were any unpaid debts that had to be settled, that if she was unable to pay the unsettled debts, the creditor had the right to claim the person and the children as servants until the debt was worked off. …

“[So she was thinking], ‘They’re about to take my home and my children,’ and so her family was on the brink of indentured servitude. She’s in desperation right here. She’s in a bad way. She’s got a problem. But even though she’s in desperation, the Bible does not say that she is in despair.

“[S]he goes to the man of God:

woman is in dire straits so she goes to the man of god

“… [So] she went to the representative of God … she went to the spokesman of God … the man of God under whom her husband served. … She knew to go to the lord in her time of need.

“We don’t see this woman trying to devise plans and schemes and strategies, amen. [S]he said, ‘I’m going to go to the man of God. I’m going to go to God with my issue.’

cult of copy post seeking work
I’m not sure why it says 12:14 p.m. because I actually posted this ad to a job board at 11:56 a.m. — four minutes before this sermon started.

“It doesn’t say she went to her family members. It doesn’t say that she said, ‘Well, I’m going to try to get some kind of work.’ It doesn’t say that she said, ‘Well, I’m going to have to try selling myself.’ …

How the Widow Goes to the Man of God

the bible says to ask seek and knock so she did“And so, she doesn’t go to the man of God expressing doubt and expressing fear and unbelief. It doesn’t say that she went to him in a critical or derogatory … fashion. She didn’t go crying out, falling on the ground and wallowing … ‘Why did God let my husband die?’ and, ‘It’s your fault because he served and he’s dead.’ She went to God, represented by the man of God, and she released her faith to cause her needs to get met, because even though she was in a difficult situation, she was still connected. … [Y]ou have to understand there is always a connection to a miracle … there’s always a link, there’s always somebody who will be in God’s connection to uphold your miracle when you most need it. Her connection to her miracle was the ministry that her husband served in and [the prophet] Elisha.

“Elisha[‘s] name meant ‘God is salvation.’ … [It] carries within its definition the idea of wholeness and soundness and deliverance and preservation and protection and security and health and protection and well being … So she said, ‘I’m going to one who knows that God can bring deliverance. I’m going to one who knows that God is a waymaker. I’m going to one who knows that God is … a problem-solving God. I don’t want to go to somebody who tells me that God is the one that put me in this situation that I’m in. I need to go to one that tells me that God can get me out of this situation that I’m in.’

“And so, she goes to the prophet and in going to the prophet, she’s going to God, and she did the right thing. … [But] the man of God’s reaction was not what she was expecting. Look at verse two once again:

the man of god asked her what she wanted him to do about her predicament

“Now, there’s a key point that I want to bring out here. … Elisha, the man of God — notice something, saints. He did not do one active thing for her breakthrough. … He didn’t do one physical thing for her breakthrough. He … didn’t ask her, ‘Well, how much is the debt? Let me talk to the creditor and maybe I can get him to cut you some slack.’ He didn’t say, ‘Well, what we’re going to do is get everybody to chip in …’ He didn’t say, ‘Well, maybe you and your sons can go hide out somewhere …’ He simply asked her two questions. First, he said, ‘What shall I do for thee?’ … [in other words, he asked], ‘Whatchoo want me to do?’ ‘What am I supposed to do?’ … ‘I guess the creditor’s gonna take your sons then.’ … ‘What do you expect me to do?’ …

the man of god asked an unhelpful question
Morris Day

“But then he says, ‘Well, what … do you have at home?’ Whatchoo want me to do and what do you have at home?

“Now, just think about this. If you went to a ministry with a need, and a pastor said that to you, you’d leave the church. …

“‘I can’t believe that. I pay my tithes … and they won’t even loan me any money.’

“He said, ‘What do you want me to do?’ … Then he said, ‘What do you have in your house? What do you have to facilitate your miracle?’ … Let me tell you something: God always asks what you have first. … He asked Moses, ‘What do you have in your hand?’

“Moses said, ‘I have a rod.’

“He said, ‘I’m gonna use this rod to part the sea.’

“He used the widow’s last meal. He used David’s slingshot. He used Peter’s boat. He used the boy’s five loaves and two fish. What do you have in your house? What do you have in your possession to expedite your miracle? What type of abilities, what type of talents — what do you have? Give me something to work with. Give me something to use. Give me something to multiply. Give me something to increase. What do you have — if you’re in a jam, if you’re in a financial jam, if you need a miracle to survive, and all you have is a little, you’d better take that little and give it to God because as we’ve been saying for decades, ‘Little becomes much when it’s placed in the master’s hand.’ What do you have? … If what you have does not meet your need, then take what you have and make it a seed. If it can’t pay the bill, make it a seed. …

all she had was a pot of oil
Photo credit: Antiquities Museum
Bibliotheca Alexandrina

“She said, ‘I don’t have anything in the house. I don’t have anything — except a pot of oil. All I’ve got is a pot of oil.’

“Now, what I want you to understand is this: the Hebrew word utilized there for the word ‘pot’ — what she had was not … some big ‘ol pot … No, no, no. The Hebrew word for pot said it was a very narrow flask. …

“Then he said, ‘Go, borrow thee vessels –‘ now, that’s a word that indicated a larger container — ‘borrow thee vessels … even empty vessels. Borrow not a few.’ He said, ‘Go and borrow all the empty vessels that you can borrow. Borrow all of the empty containers that you can.’ …

“You have to understand, now, this woman … the main source of commerce [where she lived] was probably [olive] oil. So he said, ‘Go and borrow all of the empty vessels that you can borrow. [Not just] one or two.’ In other words, ‘Borrow as many as you can.’ … because faith is always active and never passive, and faith always requires action on the part of the individual that releases it. James told us, ‘Faith without works is dead.’ … Work-less faith is worth-less faith. …

if any two of you agree“Look at another crucial part of this miracle. … Her whole family was involved in the reception of this miracle. It says her sons brought vessels to her. In other words, everybody got into agreement. Her sons didn’t sit there and say, ‘Ma, I told you not to go there and ask that man … ‘ The whole family got involved. Her sons got involved. Her sons went door to door, borrowing pots. Now if she had just done it, she’d have had [a few] but with all three of them going borrowing, they had triple the amount of vessels that they could borrow. The agreement of everyone involved was crucial to the reception of the miracle. …

“Now, notice something: the prophet didn’t do the pouring. Elisha didn’t do the pouring. Her sons didn’t do the pouring. Maybe it was because the pouring actually was the most foolish thing to do, and it takes big faith to do something foolish or to act foolishly when God tells you to do something. Giving your last money to the offering [plate] when you’re already broke seems foolish. Fighting a giant soldier with a slingshot seems foolish. Only bringing five fish and two loaves to feed 5,000 seems foolish. And borrowing all the biggest pots and vases you can borrow and then pulling out a little oil flask to begin pouring out is foolish.

“But the man of God — the ministry that she served in — instructed her to do it. She went to the man of God; he gave her a word from God but notice, now, and this is very important: … he didn’t say, ‘Thus saith the lord.’ … He didn’t make her any promises. He didn’t show her the end from the beginning, because if he had shown her the end from the beginning, she would’ve been walking by sight and not by faith, and then she would’ve been able to blame him if she hadn’t received the results she wanted. He didn’t promise her anything. He just said, ‘Hey, borrow some pots and start pouring.’ And he didn’t say, ‘God told me to tell you.’ …

she didn't give the man of god an attitude“Here’s the point: she automatically treated every word he said as if it was a thus-saith-the-lord. She didn’t question his wisdom. She didn’t go and discuss it with her sons … She didn’t say, ‘Well, he’s just a man. He puts his pants [on] one leg at a time.’ She didn’t say, ‘I don’t care what he said … how am I gonna go knockin’ on people’s door, asking them to let me use a pot. I’m not doin’ it. That’s stupid.’ She didn’t say, ‘Well, God didn’t tell me to do it.’ All she knew was she went to the man of God and he gave her instructions, and when the man of God told her what to do, to her it was just like God himself telling her what to do. I don’t care how foolish it sounds. I don’t care how foolish it might look. I don’t care what anybody else thinks. God told me to do it and because God told me to do it, and because I am doing it, I expect to get blessed, and I expect to get my needs met.

[Verse 5 says:]

the woman left the man of god and did as she was told

“And there was a very good reason for her to shut the doors. And the reason she shut the doors was to keep out all the doubters, all the naysayers, all the judges, all the critics, all the second-guessers, all the tweeters, all the posters, all the gossipers, all the unbelievers — in Mark 5, if you notice, when Jesus went to heal, Jesus put the doubters out before he raised up Jairus’s daughter …

“Let me tell you something: one of the secrets to getting your miracle and getting your breakthrough, getting your need met is closing the door on unbelief whether it’s in you or somebody else. You need to deal with that spirit that tells you not to believe God. You need to shut the door on doubt, you need to shut the door on fear, you need to shut the door on unbelief … if you want God to work a miracle on your behalf. I don’t need anybody telling me not to believe God when I’m trying to believe God. …

“Everybody in town’s probably talking about her …

“‘Whatchoo need a pot for?’

“‘Let me borrow a pot.’

“‘How many you need?’

“‘How many you have?’

“‘Well, I’ve got about five.’

“‘Let me have them. I need all of them.’ …

“Now she’s goin’ to the next house, and now everybody’s talkin’.

“‘She borrowed a pot from me.’

“‘She borrowed a pot from me, too!’ …

“But they’re wondering, ‘Why is she borrowing all these pots?’ …

‘[H]er son came and borrowed a pot, too. … ‘They’re goin’ all over the neighborhood gettin’ pots. What’s she gonna do with them?’ …

“‘The man of God told her to do it.’

“‘What!’ …

“So now they’re waiting to see what happens. … She’s got all these pots in her house and she’s got all these people in her window. …

people peering into window wondering what she was doing

“She went in the house and she shut the door. … Shut out anybody who is not in agreement with you getting your prayer answered, getting your need met … You need to shut that door on unbelief, shut that door on doubt, shut that door on negativity, shut that door on fear, ‘I don’t believe you’re gonna get it –‘ you’d better shut that … I can’t have it. I can’t entertain it. I don’t need it polluting my spirit!

set your face like a flint when god tells you something“There’s a time, saints of God, in your life when you have to take a stand on the word of God, even if you have to stand all by yourself. When nobody else but you can believe for your victory or your deliverance or your breakthrough, you stand your ground in faith with your face set like a flint. Shut all of that unbelief out and you tell that person, you tell those people, you tell those friends that do not share your faith, ‘I don’t know about you, but I choose to believe God. It’s in him I live, it’s in him I move, it’s in him I have my being, and I choose to believe God, and I choose to believe the man of God, because the spirit of God is in the man of God. I need to tell my friends, tell my family, tell my associates, ‘You’d better get in agreement with me … If you can’t believe with me or you can’t believe for me to get my breakthrough, then don’t call me anymore, don’t come over my house, don’t ask me any questions, move your seat in church because I’m trying to do what God told me to do, and in order for me to get what I’m believing God to give me, you’re either with me or you’re against me, and if you’re with me, you will help me to do what God has told me to do, you’ll be in agreement with me, doing what God has told me to do, and you will support me in doing what God has told me to do, because if I do what the man of God told me to do, I will receive the miracle that God has for me to receive, so I need you to be in agreement, but if you are not, I’ve got to’ …

How the Widow Got Her Miracle

“Now, notice, when the miracle occurred, when the breakthrough occurred, Elisha wasn’t even there. The man of God was not there. … Elisha got her focused on the right source, away from himself. He didn’t want any of God’s glory. He recognized the fact that he was only her connection to the miracle. He only spoke the word, but she was the one acting and now she was the one walking it out, and God was the source of that miracle supply, not him. …

“She leaves Elisha, shuts the door behind her and her sons, and starts pouring, and then something happened: the oil just kept on coming. When one vessel was full, she moved to the next vessel, when the next vessel was full, she moved to the next vessel. She poured and she poured and she poured and she poured and she poured …

“And when the last vessel was full, the flow of oil stopped. If there had been more vessels, there would’ve been more oil. …

How the Widow Responded to Her Miracle

the widow gave her testimony to the man of god

she went to the man of god and gave her testimony“Now, what did she do after she got the miracle? She testified to the man of God. … After she got her miracle, she went right back to the man of God. She went right back to the ministry. He didn’t have to wonder where she was. … After she got her miracle, she went right back to the man of God. She didn’t call all of her friends. She didn’t go boasting up and down the street. She didn’t throw herself a party. She didn’t go on a shopping spree. She didn’t begin to splurge. She went right back to church. …

“Let me tell you something: all your situation is … all your distress is is an opportunity for God to bless you with a miracle. … And when you’re at rock bottom, and you think you’re near the end … there’s no way in the natural for you to be delivered, for this to happen, and God has to be the source of your supply, let me tell you something: when you’re right there, you’re in the right spot for a miracle. When your back’s against the wall, baby, that’s the right place for God to move in your life. … Some of you right now don’t have anywhere else to turn. … People can’t help you. … You’re in the right place. [Jesus says] ‘I can meet every need. I can meet every bill. I can repair every marriage. I can heal every body. I can send all the money. I am the source of your supply. All you’ve got to do is trust me.’ …

“All you’ve got to do is put him to the test. Exercise your faith. Give him what you have in your house. Put it all in his hand. … Close the door on doubt. Close the door on fear. Close the door on unbelief. Close the door on pessimism. Close the door on negativity. And watch God pour his oil. Watch him pour it out. Watch him pour it on.

oil is significant in the bible
Photo credit: First Fruits of Zion

“How many of you know oil is a symbol? It’s a symbol of the power of God. … He will pour the oil on your finances, pour the oil on your marriage, pour the oil on your home, on your sick body, on depression, on discouragement — as long as you have believed, he’ll keep on pouring the oil until you get delivered. … He will keep pouring it on until you are totally satisfied and there is no more room for anymore to be poured. God said, ‘Not only am I going to pour out enough for their need to be met. I’m going to pour our more than enough so that you can live off the overflow.'”


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