God May Be Calling You a Witch

If you haven’t heeded the last several posts, God may be calling you a witch. Here’s how to tell, according to James Davis, an elder at New Spirit Revival Center in Akron.

read an extra book a month“There is a teacher in you, but you won’t change. There is a prophet in you, but you won’t change. … There is more in you than what you are doing right now, but you won’t move. You won’t do the necessary work, as it were.

“God says, ‘I need you to be obedient to me. I can’t open up a door in a big place if you are not obedient in the small place. … There are some [potential] millionaires in here [who] won’t adjust your habits and won’t read an extra book a month and change your spending habits, and God has put that prophesy over your life for eons, [but] we simply won’t go through the necessary means … It’s not going to come sow-a-seed-and-pow-it-showed-up-in-your-bank-account. It does not work like that, child of God, I don’t care what [so-and-so] said. It does not.

He says, ‘Obey me.’ He says, ‘Do what I tell you to do.’

[Proverbs 23:13 says:]

discipline your child

Proverbs 14 goes on to say:

disciplining your child may save them from death

“Somebody would say I’m painting God as being cruel. … No, I’m not. Whom the lord loves, he also chastens. If he lets me go in my rebellion, that says he doesn’t love me. If he lets me continue to do what I’m doing and continue to hurt my own self and never brings correction to me, then that says there is no love at all. But if I find myself going through a season where I’m being poked and prodded and directed, I know it’s for my own good.

“God is simply saying, child of God, ‘I refuse to be the parent of a witch.’ … ‘I’m not going to parent witches. I’m not going to parent warlocks.’ …

“Saul was persecuting God’s people, and in that rebellion of heart and will, he is kicking against the prick, which represents the will of the lord. … He’s the first king of Israel, but his heart ain’t right. He epitomizes rebellion. God told him to kill all of the Amalekites.

god told saul to kill the amalekites

“When God’s opened up a door for you to finish something off, you’d better finish it all the way off. You don’t play with the devil. It’s conquest. You kill it dead. … But Saul holds and spares King Agag as some type of trophy piece from the battle. …

saul disobeyed god

“Flesh has a will of its own, does it not? It has no problem taking us back into the world and even worse, it will carry you into hell. We don’t let it gain the advantage. We can’t let our flesh gain the advantage over us. We can’t let our flesh gain the advantage over our will and our spirit, because flesh loves the world. Flesh don’t love the spirit. Flesh don’t love the church. Flesh doesn’t love the things of the spirit. You’re sitting in here tonight because your spirit pushed you … you could’ve went like everybody else and said, ‘I’m not going to church tonight.’ …

god nudges you to go to church

“You said, ‘I’m going to where God is.’

lazy christians
Photo credit: Gizmodo

“Flesh is lustful, it’s deceitful. It hates discipline. Flesh hates correction and the things of the spirit. … The flesh doesn’t want to consecrate. The flesh doesn’t want to fast. The flesh doesn’t want to pray. The flesh wants to sleep in and hit the snooze button five times. The flesh doesn’t want to serve, the flesh doesn’t want to give, the flesh doesn’t want to sacrifice, the flesh is lazy, the flesh … is lascivious, it is lustful, and it wants what it wants, that’s why it has to be crucified, Paul said. … It has to be put to death because your flesh, I don’t care how long you’ve been saved, I know we’re a mature bunch in here, but every now and then, that thing’ll creep up. It may not have you back in a nightclub, but it’ll have you out of your prayer closet. It may not have you back smoking a this or that or whatever your vice was, but it’ll have you outside of the will of God because flesh wants to do what it wants to do.

“God told Saul, ‘Kill it,’ but he leaves King Agag alive. He leaves what represents the flesh alive …

[The prophet says in 1 Samuel 15:19:]

samuel scolds saul

“Please understand that partial obedience is disobedience.

“Saul said, ‘I utterly destroyed the Amalekites.’

“That was a lie. How am I looking at the king if you utterly destroyed them? No, you are in disobedience.

“‘The people,’ he says, ‘took the spoil.’ Now he’s blaming the people, which speaks volumes [about a poor, wicked leader]. It’s weak character in a leader to allow the people to set the agenda. They wanted the spoils, so I let them take the spoils versus telling them to do what thus saith the lord: we are going to kill everything and kill it dead. You can’t allow people to set the agenda. If God told you to do something, you’ve got to do what thus saith the lord, or you will find yourself on the opposite end of the wrong side of God’s judgment. …

“[S]o then he begins to say the reason they took the spoil is because they had sheep and oxen in abundance, and we wanted to offer a sacrifice to the lord in Gilgal.

“And God is saying, ‘I didn’t tell you to make me a sacrifice in Gilgal, I told you to kill the Amalekites.’

“But he says, ‘No, we want to give a sacrifice. We want to give an offering to the lord.’

god was giving a hole of escape“But God is saying to some of us, ‘I didn’t ask you for your 21-day consecration. I didn’t ask you to turn your plate down for 40 days. I told you to buy that evil coworker lunch, but you wouldn’t. You could’ve been done. I was giving you a hole of escape, but you didn’t hear me, and now you’re ready to fast, you’re ready to do something religious. I did not tell you to spend an hour every morning rebuking the devil in your finances. I said tithe and trust me. I didn’t say get three jobs and miss church all the time. I said discipline your flesh. Bring your flesh under subjection … and put it on a budget.

“We are trying to do things that God didn’t say [to] do and still get a blessing. It don’t work like that. I don’t care how much you tried. ‘I killed everything, Samuel.’ No, you ain’t killed everything at all. I’m still hearing sheep, and I see this king standing here. Samuel rebukes Saul and his lame excuse for not killing everything.

god said to listen

“Hearken. To hear. I want you to hear me. C’mon. You had a mother like that. ‘Boy, you hear me?’ She wasn’t testing whether or not my ear was working. That hearing is whether I’m going to hear and obey. Do I hear with the intention of obeying the instruction. So he says for you to hearken is better than your sacrifice. Why? Because in verse 23:

god says rebellion is like witchcraft

“The lord said that some people have been blaming the devil, but now they are starting to blame me for the bleeding in their life that they are doing to themselves. …

“All of us have a place where we can step up in submission, commitment, and obedience. The truth is that this generation takes rebellion so lightly, but heaven sees it as witchcraft. And the one that’s operating in rebellion, heaven sees that person as a witch. We take stubbornness so lightly, but God sees it no different than making a carving or a statue or an object of our worship. … God said, ‘I see your stubbornness as idolatry.'”


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