How to Receive a Miracle from God

how to receive a miracleDo you know how to receive a miracle from God? Do you even believe miracles are possible? Pastor John Hagee asked his church these questions during a sermon that aired on TBN August 27 as God was choreographing a situation for me to need one. In the video below, Hagee shares 10 ways to ensure you’re going to need one:

He also provided eight conditions to receiving one.

As Hagee said, “The only thing that can happen when you meet God’s conditions is a miracle, because physical laws and spiritual laws are very much alike. The God of the physical law is the God of the supernatural law. The principle is: you be natural and let God be supernatural. But here’s the point: when you place [water] in the freezer, you don’t need to put it in the freezer and say, ‘Oh, please turn to ice. Please turn to ice. Please, please.’ If you leave it in there long enough, it’s going to come out ice because you’ve met the conditions to have ice.”


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