God Still Speaks to Us

night court character thought she heard from god

When I was a kid, a character on a “Night Court” episode thought God was communicating to her through her TV. Everyone else thought she was crazy. Likewise, you probably thought I was crazy last week when I said God showed me who I’m supposed to marry seven years ago, but God still speaks to us in various ways, as T.D. Jakes has occasionally affirmed by thanking God mid-sentence for wisdom that he imparted and as Pastor John Jenkins relayed in the following sermons:

The question, Pastor Robert Morris asked during a recent special on TBN, is, “Are you listening?”

Five Common Questions About God Speaking to Us

In 2016, Morris published a book titled “Frequency: Tune In. Hear God” because people often ask him the following five questions:

  1. How can I hear from God?
  2. How do I know it’s God?
  3. How do I know when it’s God speaking to me?
  4. How do I know it’s not my own thoughts?
  5. How do I know [it isn’t] the devil trying to speak to me and deceive me or something?

How to Know It’s God Speaking: Ask for Confirmation

“When we’re learning to hear from God, we need to ask God to confirm his word,” Morris said. “And it’s not only okay to ask God to confirm his word, it’s actually scriptural. It’s a necessary step in hearing God.”

For example, he said, Mark 16:20 says:

the lord confirmed the word with signs

Mathew 18 said:

matthew 18

“Jesus said this, and he’s quoting an Old Testament scripture,” Morris said. “Paul actually quotes this scripture, too, in 2 Corinthians 13:1.”

2 corinthians 13 1

“So it is a principle with God to establish or to confirm his word,” Morris said. “So I want to look at a passage in scripture in Judges, chapter 6.”

How Gideon Asked God for Confirmation

give me a sign that it is really you talking to me

pff forget you

“Now this is what blows me away about this. This is God. The creator and sustainer of the universe. He’s talking with a human and he says to him, ‘I want you to go do this for me,’ and the human says, ‘Show me a sign that it’s really you, that I’m really hearing you.’ And God doesn’t say, ‘Pff. Forget you. I’ll go find someone else. I’m looking for people of faith, you know, not cowards, you know.’ He didn’t say that. The creator of the universe said, ‘Okay. I’ll wait until you know for sure that what you’re hearing is from me.’ Isn’t that amazing?

“And then he sits down under a tree, it says, and he waits. And he’s going to prepare an offering. Now, you have to think about that. To prepare an offering, they had to kill an animal. They didn’t have a drive-thru back then, okay? They didn’t have a microwave. Jesus has a staff in his hand — a long piece of wood like a walking staff. It says he puts the offering down on the rock, and the lord reaches out his staff, and when the end of it touches the meat, fire comes out of the rock and burns it up completely.

“I’d say he got a sign, you know? He got a sign, right? Okay, but then he asked for another sign. Then he asked for the fleece. …

gideon asked god for confirmation

“Now, that should be enough, right? So, Gideon then takes the next step. [H]e calls Israel to come out for war. Thirty-two thousand men show up.

God says to him, ‘That’s too many. It’s too many. You’ll take the glory for it. So, I’d like you to make an announcement that if anyone is scared, they can go home.’

“So he stands up [and] says, ‘If anyone is afraid, you can go home.’

“Twenty-two thousand left. …

crowd leaves

“Of course, Gideon’s thinking, ‘Well, at least I’ve got 10,000 men.’

“You remember what God said? ‘That’s too many. You’ll take the glory.’ So he said, ‘Go down to the river and see how men drink. And everyone who laps water like a dog you set over to the side.’

lapping water like a dog

“You know what Gideon’s thinking, right? ‘That’s great. We’ll get rid of the crazies.’ Have you ever seen a dog lap water? I mean, you know, it’s not pretty.

“So 300 men lap water like a dog, and God says, ‘That’s your army. Not the 9,700.’

“So [does] anyone want to guess what Gideon did? [He asked] ‘Can you show me a sign?’…

“So, God says, ‘Okay. Go down — sneak down into the Midian camp at night, and I have prepared something for you. It’ll encourage you.’

“So he goes down, and they’re sitting around a fire — these Midianite soldiers — and one of ’em says, ‘I had a dream last night. This loaf of bread came tumbling down the hill and hit my tent, and then it knocked my tent over, and it knocked over every tent — all of our tents.’

god gave midianites a nightmare

“And one of the other soldiers said, ‘That’s Gideon. We’re gonna die. That is Gideon because God’s on his side.’ And it encouraged him, and he did the battle.


“Okay, here’s what I want us to get out of this: God’s okay with you asking for a sign. He’s okay with you saying, ‘Will you confirm to me that I’m hearing [such and such]?’ You know what you’re really saying? You’re not saying, ‘God, will you confirm that you’re speaking to me?’ What we’re really saying is, ‘God, will you confirm I’m hearing? Because I know me. I can make mistakes, and I can be impetuous. So, God, will you help me so that I can step forward and make sure that I’m hearing good.’ You understand what I’m saying? So it’s okay to ask God for confirmation.”

Three Ways That God Confirms He’s Speaking

According to Morris, God confirms he’s speaking in three ways:

  1. His written word
  2. His people
  3. His peace

So, if you want to know whether you heard something from God, ask yourself the following three questions.

Question 1: Does It Line up with the Bible?

“Because God is never going to say something to you that contradicts what he’s already written,” Morris said. “It’s just not going to happen. … Let me show you how Jesus himself used the [Bible] to confirm what he was saying.”

read the bible to know whether god is speaking to you

“Now, here’s the point. I’m not trying to get into marriage and divorce here. I’m just using this as an example. ‘And he,’ [meaning] Jesus, ‘answered them [with], Have you not read?’ And he quotes Genesis. Here’s the point. They were saying, ‘We want to know what God says about this.’ He said, ‘Well, have you not read the Bible? It’s in the Bible what God says about it.’

“If you want to know what God says about marriage and divorce, it’s in the Bible. It’s there.

“If you want to know about finances, it’s in the Bible.

“If you want to know about raising children, it’s in the Bible.

“If you want to know about how to love your wife or how to respect your husband, it’s in the Bible. You understand? …

god said because of the hardness of their heart they could get a divorce

“I know [divorce] is a very sensitive subject. I don’t mean in any way — if you’ve experienced the tragedy of divorce — to cast doubt [or make you feel] like a second-class citizen … because we all make mistakes. And sometimes the mistake’s not even our fault. But he goes on to say, ‘Well, Moses permitted divorce.’ He said, ‘Moses permitted divorce because of the hardness of your heart.’ Now, to understand that, what happened was there were men who were taking other wives and treating their first wife just like a slave — a sex slave. They were verbally abusing them, physically abusing them, sexually abusing them, and Moses said, ‘God, these men are treating these women horribly.’ And God said, ‘Well, because of that — because of the hardness of the heart — I don’t want women treated like that — have the men get a certificate of divorce. Let her go free. She doesn’t need to live under that.’ That’s where it came from. …

“Think about when Satan tempted Jesus. Do you remember what Jesus said all three times? ‘It is written, it is written, it is written.’ But you have to know what’s written to be able to say, ‘It is written.’

Question 2: Does Godly Counsel Agree?

if you think god is speaking ask a godly person for advice

“Let me tell you the difference between godly counsel and goodly counsel,” Morris said. “Godly counsel is based on the word, and it’s from mature believers who know the lord … and know you. A lot of times, people want to come up to me and get counsel on something, and I don’t know them. And I don’t have time to get all the details, and so they present the facts the way they see them so that I will say, ‘Well, yeah, you can do this,’ and then they [can say], ‘Well, pastor Robert said …’

“Godly counsel is from people who know God, know his word, and they know you and they know the other side of the story, and they know that you’re just presenting the good side — your side. Do you follow what I’m saying? …

“[B]ecause here’s what people do. They say, ‘I know I’m supposed to get counsel,’ so they go to someone and say, ‘Well, what do you think?’ And [the other person says], ‘I don’t think you should do that.’ So they go to someone else [and someone else and someone else until they get the answer they want]. See, that’s not right. So this guy comes to me one time and says, ‘Pastor, I’ve left my wife, and I’m living with another woman.’ And he said, ‘And I wanted to get your counsel on it.’

“I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Of course, my first response was, ‘Have you not read?’ I said, ‘That’s crazy. You’re in sin. This is wrong.’

“Then this is what he said to me, he said, ‘I’m a spirit-filled Christian.’

“I said to him, ‘Uh-huh. Would you like for me to tell you some of the spirits that you’re filled with? Because you’re not filled with the holy spirit.'”

Question 3: Do I Have Peace?

god said to let the peace of christ rule in your hearts

“There are a lot of Greek words that [the apostle] Paul uses that come from sporting venues. This is one of them,” Morris said. “This word comes from a sporting event, and it means umpire. Let the peace of God umpire in your heart — be the rule, be the final say. In other words, let God say that this is safe for you or you need to get out of this situation.”

god said you're safe

god said this is safe

This verse uses a Greek word that translates to “a military battalion,” Morris said. “Let a military battalion guard your thoughts. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, if you’re up all night worried and anxious, and you just don’t have peace about it, that’s not God. Don’t do it. In other words, it could be God not giving you peace so that you’ll back off. And so you need to stop.”

How God Confirmed That Morris Was in the Right Place

god confirmed his word

“I went into former Yugoslavia when they were in the civil war,” Morris said. “[We’d been] in another country ministering, and the pastors had asked us to come. … [T]he other pastor — there were two of us — the other pastor had become a member of the Red Cross, so when we got to the border, he showed the Red Cross badge, and they [allowed us in]. So then he went with a group of pastors to minister, and I went with [another] group of pastors to minister.”

Later, at another checkpoint, a police officer asked all occupants of the car Morris was in for their papers.

“Well, I don’t have any papers. you know. They just waved us through [when we got here],” Morris said. “So, I’m just kind of sitting there.


“Now, [during] this process, this real pretty girl had ridden up on a bicycle on the other side of the road and was talking to the police officer on the other side. Our police officer was looking — you know, he wanted to be over there talking to the pretty girl. I’m just telling you God will use anything to get his word out. So, he’s saying to me, ‘Papers.’ So he kind of wants to hurry this up. And the driver all of a sudden said, ‘He’s from Dallas.’ Like that. He didn’t say Texas. He didn’t say U.S.A. If you travel abroad, you don’t even say America. You say U.S.A. — ‘U.S.A. He’s from U.S.A.’ He didn’t say, ‘U.S.A.’ You would think he would say, ‘U.S.A.’ [Instead] he said, ‘He’s from Dallas.’ And the guard went like this, ‘Oh! Dallas Cowboys!’ And I said, ‘Yes, Dallas Cowboys,’ [with a big smile and thumbs-up]. And he said, ‘Oh, go on, go on, go on.’ …

“I was laughing about it, but [the other guys in the car] kind of had a real serious look. And I said, ‘What is it, guys?’ They said, ‘Well, you don’t have any papers. We couldn’t get a visa for you. And you guys came in on that Red Cross badge.’ And I said, ‘Well, what does that mean?’ He said, ‘Well, we had a pastor here last year who didn’t have papers, and when they caught him, he was here in prison for six months.’ I said, ‘Well, praise the lord. I would [have liked] for y’all to have told me that before I entered the country, you know?’

god showed him the big dipper
Photo: britannica.com

“So that night, fear was all over me. I couldn’t sleep. And I walked outside and said, ‘God, I need a word.’ And I remember looking up, and I saw the Big Dipper. And the lord spoke to my heart and said, ‘You know, I hold that in place.’ And that’s a scripture. So it lines up with his word. … And all of a sudden, I had peace. And I went back in and went to sleep. …

“[T]his was about 25 years ago that I was there. I saw that pastor just a few years ago and he said to me, ‘There’s revival in our country, and every pastor in our country says it started with that trip when you and that other pastor came.’

“So, God will confirm his word.”

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