Why I Started Writing CLEvangelism

I started writing CLEvangelism to promote some of the preaching I’ve heard on Cleveland AM radio station WCCD since I became a Christian in 2014, but this blog/memoir easily could have been called “The Reluctant Christian” because I never intended to become one. I’ve always believed in God, but who wants to be called a Bible thumper, holy roller, or religious nut? And after growing up with a father who attended church every Sunday and sang in the choir but beat and berated my mom every day for 15 years until she fled to a shelter with my diabetic, epileptic, and mentally handicapped brother, I wasn’t God’s biggest fan. But my violent upbringing is partly what led me to him. As Dr. Darrell Scott said during one sermon, “You didn’t get saved because you wanted to get saved. The lord let so much hell in your life you said, ‘God, I surrender.'”

What CLEvangelism Is About

CLEvangelism is a tell-it-like-it-is memoir about:

I will also be writing about health problems, including cancer scares and suicide since my mom, her mom, and my father’s sister killed themselves.

Why Christians May Not Like CLEvangelism

Since CLEvangelism is a tell-it-like-it-is memoir, you’ll encounter swearing, violence, sex, and, once I reach the part about me feeling like Joseph, Job, and Jonah all rolled into one, my thoughts about God, which are not going to be, “Oh, how I love and praise him.” I understand that Christians are supposed to guard their eyes and ears, so if swearing, violence, sex, and honest feelings affect you, this is not a blog you should read.


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      1. Interesting. What made you choose the church that you go to? You don’t have to answer, of course, but it took me three or four tries to find one that I liked, so I’m always interested in hearing what made other people stick with a particular church or denomination.


  1. Why Christians May Not Like CLEvangelism
    I think if you are speaking the truth, then it mostly would be horrible stuff.

    Who ‘loves’ Jesus hanging on a cross? That is disgusting, yet some wear it around their neck. The evil that happens to people is NOT enjoyable unless that person has a sick mind. I find this of some who love horror movies. Who can enjoy that? Decent people will concentrate on the good and what good that can be done as a result of our evil experiences. If people are uncomfortable with it. I say then: Too Bad. They are the losers as a result.

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    1. I nearly accidentally majored in film because I took so many film classes in college, so I learned the psychology behind why most people enjoy horror movies. (Surprise: It’s sex related.) In my case, horror movies never bothered me because my father taught me that people who are twisted up in their own head are far scarier than Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, or any monster Hollywood dreamed up. These days, it’s difficult for me to watch horror movies, psychological thrillers, or action movies (with their bombings, shootings, kidnappings, etc.) because I can feel the holy spirit tense up. Consequently, I tend to just watch John K. Jenkins, TD Jakes, and other folks on YouTube.
      You raise a good point re: people wearing the crucifixion around their neck.
      The reason I said Christians may not like this memoir/blog is because I intend to tell people what God has put me through since I became a Christian in 2014. A lot of Christians I’ve met seem to have skipped the scripture, “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.” They say God’s a loving God and know nothing about the tests and trials that come along with that love.
      Thanks very much for reading and commenting! I appreciate it.

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  2. Because of a mental illness I suffered from my youth, I later worked with a psy and too finally got a master’s in psychology. I possess such a need to ‘understand’. I’ve learned the only person I really need to understand is myself. Thanks for your reply

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    1. Congrats on the master’s degree in psychology! I would have loved to have majored in psychology, but once the psych 101 professor said math (statistics) would be involved, I dropped the class. One of many mistakes…
      But to address the crux of your comment, I’ll quote TD Jakes (again): “It takes all of life to figure out life.” If some people put a little more effort into it, the world would be a better place. 😉 🙂

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  3. Personally, i suck in math as well, but the statistics courses are only general and common sense. Otherwise useful. As a retired teacher I found that most young people under estimate themselves. Finally, God uses broken vessels for His purpose so it’s obvious you are well equipped to do His work.

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    1. Yeah, from the violent upbringing to the low self-esteem to unhealthy relationships to bad decisions to my mom’s suicide and a million other experiences, there’s a little brokenness in this blog for everyone. Hopefully what I’ve been through benefits someone.

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