God Gave You Gifts Instead of Actual Oil

If, like me, you hate when people refer you to the widow-and-oil story when you’re broke because this isn’t Biblical times; people go to Whole Foods for their olive oil these days, here’s something to keep in mind for future reference: God gave you gifts instead of actual oil. He confirmed this via the following Steven Furtick outtake that showed up as a YouTube recommendation over the weekend:

“[W]hen I preach about oil, I’m not talking about something that you keep in your pantry,” he said, “I’m talking about something that you have in your heart — the gift God gave you, the people God put in your life, the idea God gave you …”

Expounding upon that, Daystar aired T.D. Jakes’ sermon “The Gift” this morning.

“The father created me with gifts. The son gifted me with his life, blessed me with the gift of salvation. The holy spirit comes along and he releases all kinds of spiritual gifts down inside of me,” Jakes said. “… I’m not talking about the obvious gifts alone but every gift you’ve got. It’s things that you’ve been walking past and ignoring. God planted them down inside of you.”

[You can watch that sermon in its entirety this evening at 7:30 p.m. EST on TBN.]

The Difference Between Gifts and Talents

“One of the ways [God] helps us discover His path for our lives is by giving us talents, skills, and spiritual gifts that are perfectly suited to our callings,” Charles Stanley shared via email in September 2015. “Talents and skills are natural abilities with which we are born. These generally determine our interests and vocations. In contrast, spiritual gifts are divine endowments that equip us to serve the Lord effectively and successfully. They are chosen for us by God and given to us at the moment of our salvation. Knowing how the Lord has created and gifted us helps us discover what He desires for us to do.”

Examples of Gifts

Stanley said you can find examples of the gifts God gave us in the following scriptures:

romans 12 4-8 gifts god gave us

1 corinthians 12 4-11 spiritual gifts god gave us

ephesians 4 11 12 gifts god gave.png

How to Figure out Which Gift God Gave You

“If you’re not sure which one may be yours, consider what motivates you,” Stanley said. “For example, when I was trying to figure out which gift my mother may have had, I remembered how she used to send cards of encouragement to people who were sick or going through hard times. When she was older, she worked in a nursing home because she wanted to care for those who couldn’t care for themselves. By observing her life and her interests, it became clear to me that she had the gift of mercy.”

Stanley also provided the following example:

gifts god gives us“Suppose I invite several people to my house for dinner, and in the middle of the meal, I knock over my iced tea,” he said. “The person with mercy immediately feels my discomfort and rushes to reassure me. The guest gifted with giving offers to buy a new glass to replace the one I broke. Someone with the gift of administration organizes the clean up, and the exhorter suggests that in the future I place my glass further away from the edge of the table. They each respond differently, but together they work as a whole to address the situation and solve the problem.”

Why God Gave Us These Gifts

The United Methodist Church

“[S]piritual gifts are given to us for the common good of the church. They are not for us but for others,” Stanley said. “As we work according to our own unique giftedness, the church benefits. … When we actively use them to help others, we’ll effectively accomplish what God created us to do. …

“No matter how little we think we have to offer, the Lord wants us to make ourselves available to Him for service. We should never underestimate what He can do in our lives. He has the power to open doors of opportunity and provide all the resources we need to succeed. As the Spirit moves in our hearts to reveal needs and empowers us to respond according to the gifts He has given us, we accomplish His will.”

If this still leaves you wondering how you’re going to pay rent this month, remember what Joyce Meyer has often said:

if we do what we can do god will do what we cannot do

2 thoughts on “God Gave You Gifts Instead of Actual Oil

  1. Oh my goodness. I read the first part of this on my break last week but couldn’t finish it and forgot to go back.

    Today is the day I read it and wow!!! There’s a reason I was supposed to wait to read it.

    “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are the called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

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