God Is God. (Part 1: Signs and Wonders)

As I’ve said before in this blog/memoir, people have strange ideas about God. For example, some would dispute yesterday’s “God Still Speaks to Us” post by saying he gave us the Bible so he wouldn’t have to. Others say God doesn’t have the same rules and expectations he had in the Old Testament because Jesus died for us in the New Testament. But those same people will tell you that you need to tithe. The fact is, as Bishop T.D. Jakes has said, God is God. The Bible backs that up:

jesus is the same yesterday today and forever

for i am the lord, i change not

god is not human that he should lie and not a human being that he should change his mind

So, as a follow-up to yesterday’s post, we’re going to look at signs and wonders today.

How Signs and Wonders Prompted Pastor John Jenkins to Propose

If you question whether God still performs signs and wonders today, I encourage you to read John Piper’s article “Signs and Wonders: Then and Now,” to reflect on any ‘coincidences’ or miracles you’ve experienced, and to watch Pastor John Jenkins’ explain why he proposed to his now wife of more than 30 years, which you can find between minutes 7 and 9 below.

For those who can’t watch his characteristically animated explanation, here’s what he said:

“[W]hen I was dating my wife, courting her, I was afraid I was going to be hooked up with the wrong sister. How many of you know it’s a dangerous thing to be hooked up with the wrong person? And so, I set a fleece — I set a fleece [like Gideon].

john jenkins asked for a sign and wonder like gideon

engagement ring in glove box“And the fleece was, I took an engagement ring — I went out and bought an engagement ring. … I took an engagement ring, and I put it — I bought it on a Saturday and I put it in the glove compartment of my car, and I locked the glove compartment of my car, and I said, ‘Now, lord, if [she’s] the right one, when the time is right, have her ask me why the glove compartment is locked.’

“So, the next morning — I figured I had years of safety with that, that it would have to be a move of God for her to ask me why the glove compartment was locked. That was a Saturday. The next day, on a Sunday, I had to preach at a church in Washington, D.C. I swung around and picked up Trina Prather, who wanted to go with me, and she got in the car, and she said, ‘I lost my glasses.’ She’s looking for her glasses. She reached for the glove compartment — she tried to open the glove compartment, and she said, ‘Why is your glove compartment locked?’

“And so, in the romantic setting of New Hampshire Avenue, in my 1968 Chevrolet Malibu … I pulled over and unlocked the glove compartment and took the engagement ring out and proposed to the woman who, in 22 days, I would have been married to her — if we make it for 22 days — for 30 years.”

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