God Promised Not to Leave You Nor Forsake You

T.D. Jakes sermon

Just when I was about to turn off and delete a T.D. Jakes sermon I’d recorded on TBN because I heard it on Radio 1000 a long time ago, he said something that pertains to last night’s post, “God Probably Wants You to Finish What You Started.” Since everything happens for a reason, here’s the crux: God promised not to leave nor forsake us, but Christians leave and forsake others all the time.

definition of forsake

“[O]ver and over again, God says, ‘I will not leave you nor forsake you. I will not leave you nor forsake you,'” Jakes said. “I will not leave you means you won’t be out there by yourself. In English, when we read, ‘I will not leave you nor forsake you,’ it’s a little bit confusing to us because if you think when you read, ‘leave’ and ‘forsake’ to us is the same thing. I’m leaving you. I forsook you. It’s the same thing. So why did God say, ‘I will not leave you nor forsake you’? Because when you study it out, to leave somebody is to remove your presence. But to forsake them is to emotionally abandon them. You can forsake somebody you didn’t leave. That’s a class all by itself. You can emotionally abandon someone that you still come home to. …

“God says, ‘When I get ready to get something done, I don’t leave it and I don’t forsake it. I don’t leave it. I don’t withdraw my presence from it. Nor do I withdraw my emotions from it. My physical presence there is followed up by my emotional attention there.’ So when God wants to see something succeed, he doesn’t leave it nor forsake it. And he said, ‘I will not leave you nor forsake you. I will not emotionally abandon you just because I’m disappointed in you.’

because he first loved me song
Photo: Dana Decals

“Well, you were just singing ‘Because he first loved me.’ What does that mean? He loved me wrong. He loved me wrong and taught me right. He loved me wrong and taught me right. Right there, that’s the most convicting thing because how many times do you love people who have wronged you? Or do you have a tendency, like I do, that if you hurt me, I emotionally withdraw? You can’t cure anything you forsake. You have emotionally withdrawn yourself from people, places, and things, and you’re waiting on it to get better. It can’t get better if you forsake it. And it’s hard now. I’m not preaching something that’s easy. I’m not teaching something that I’ve always mastered. It is hard not to forsake something that doesn’t feel safe.”

But you probably shouldn’t. Here’s an excerpt from another T.D. Jakes sermon:

Wife is trying to reveal her true feelings to skeleton

“The hardest thing in the world to do is to get a man to talk when he stops speaking. And now God is saying, ‘Your bones won’t get better if you don’t speak.’ And I don’t talk to bones. You know why I don’t talk to bones? ‘Cause bones don’t talk to me. And it’s hard to give to something that don’t give to me. … How do you talk to something that ain’t saying nothing back? ‘You want to go out to eat?’ ‘What are you going to wear to church next Sunday?’ ‘I was wondering how you’re feeling today.’ Who wants to talk to something that ain’t saying nothing back?

“Who wants to love something that ain’t loving you back?

“Who wants to care for something that ain’t caring for you back?

“Who wants to commit to something that’s not committing to you back?

“This ain’t fair. You want me to talk to bones?

you have to talk to your bones even if it makes you feel unequally yoked

“[But God says] ‘I want you to speak to your bones even though speaking to your bones makes you feel unequally yoked. Because you must remember that I was unequally yoked when I laid my hand on you. And if you’re going to be like me, you have to give to something that can’t give back to you.’ …

“This is not fair that you want me to talk to that bucket. It’s not fair. Don’t you see the bones, they’re not just dry, they’re very dry. I’m not just unhappily married, I hate coming home. And you want me to come in and start talking? I have survived by saying nothing. …


“You know now, it takes a lot of faith to talk to something that ain’t talking to you, to give to something that’s not giving to you, to serve something that’s not serving you. It’s easy to serve something that’s serving you. Reciprocity makes relationships ring, but what do you do when it ain’t fair? This ain’t fair! …

“[But] just because something is not fair does not mean that it is not just. There is a difference between fair and just. See, fair is reciprocity. Just is maturity. It’s right if it’s got to be right all by itself. That’s the way God is. God is not fair, God is just. …

god wants you to talk to your dead dry bones

“Speak to the bones, that they may live. For God says, ‘Anything that you don’t talk to will stay dead.’ All you have to do to kill anything living in your life is stop talking to it. And the thing that you are complaining about being dry and very dry in your life is dry because you shut up. The only way that thing will live is if you speak to it. That’s why the devil got your lips sealed. ‘Cause the devil knows that the power of life and death is in your tongue. And when you do speak to it, you speak negatively to it, you speak death to it, waiting on God to make it live. How can you make it live when you talk to it like that?

“I was in Namibia, and we were in a room filled with businessmen, and this guy was trying to pitch, trying to get some sponsorship … but he was so nasty in the request that I said, ‘Do you not know that people give money to people they like?’ You can’t talk death and reap life. Speak to the bones that they may live. … They will not live because you’ve been praying for it. You have to open your mouth and speak to it.

“Peter and John could only heal the man when he spoke to him. ‘Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I unto thee in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Rise up and walk.’ They spoke to his lameness. It’s easy to speak to your wholeness, but can you speak to my lameness? Oh, I know you love my good stuff, but can you love my junk? It will never live if you don’t speak to it. Speak to the bones so they may live.


“And so, then Ezekiel confesses something that I love. It helps me so much because he doesn’t say that he believes that they will live. He says, ‘Lord, thou knowest. I don’t know whether this is ever getting any better or not. I do not know, but I am obedient enough that I prophesied as I was commanded. Wait, wait, wait. I didn’t say what I felt. I said what you told me to say. Y’all didn’t hear what I’m saying. I didn’t say it ’cause I meant it. I didn’t say it ’cause I had conviction. I said it because it was right to say. I prophesied as I was commanded. I just obeyed your word, whether I had the feelings or not. And the moment I obeyed your word, suddenly there was a noise.’ …

“Ain’t nothing going to change till you obey God. As long as you’re bellyaching about what ain’t fair, it ain’t going to get no better. It’s not fair, but it’s just obeying God. …

“But what do you do when you walk through things that are not getting better? I know you don’t know what I’m talking about. Let me tell you, I’ve been there. The Bible says, ‘Don’t give up. Trust and obey God. Your situation will change.’ You must begin to speak to your dry places and your dry bones rather than making peace with them and trying to live with them. They will never live unless you speak to them and challenge them and demand change in your life.”

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