God Will Use Your Haters to Get You to Go Where He Wants You to Go

As Bishop Noel Jones said, destined is defined as ordained, devoted, dedicated in advance, and consecrated. It is the cognate of the word destination. In other words, there is a destination. [So there’s direction and design.] In other words, somebody has to strategize in order to get me to my destiny. That means somebody is operating and … orchestrating and … using whatever is available to get me to go where he wants me to go.

God Said All Things Work Together for Good for Those Who Love God

God doesn’t have to avoid any of the negatives in your life in order to get you to where [he wants] you to go. Indeed and in fact, [God] will use the negatives to trigger the motion that gets the design in order. It was God’s design to use the negatives of Joseph’s brothers—i.e., his haters—to start the process of getting him to the palace [where he became ruler of Egypt].

Stop Worrying About Your Haters

What we have allowed our haters to do is cause us to back up and dumb down in order for them to be comfortable with us. The devil is a liar. If you don’t like how smart I am, that’s your problem. If you don’t like how gifted I am, that’s your problem. If you don’t like how blessed I am, that’s your problem. I’m not going to put my coat in the closet so you can be happy with me. I’m gonna wear my coat.

God Uses Haters to Get You to Go Where He Wants You to Go

Now we have a design, and the designer is God himself. And what he’s got to work with is a lot of hatred jumping off in the same compound. … It is now God using human weakness. I suppose, and I will project this very humbly, if God cannot use human weakness, then what does he have to use? Because the only thing we bring to the table is human weakness. … Joseph [who’d told his brothers about a dream in which he reigned over them] had to learn how to shut his mouth. God used his [jealous] brothers’ weakness, and he used Joseph’s weakness to get everything in motion.

That’s why, many times, when God begins to move you to the next level, the first thing you end up with is somebody trying to kill you. Somebody wants to destroy you because they recognize that you have favor. And once the coat came out, all the brethren realized that God had his hand on Joseph.

Let me tell you this: The devil’s going to come after you, and you’re going to become a target—particularly when he realizes that God has his hand on you. Now, you can’t tell God, “Get your hands off me so they’ll like me.” The devil is a liar. Bless me till you get through. Keep your hands on me until you get me to the destiny you have ordained for my life.

Stop Hiding from Your Haters (and Your Destiny)

Whatcha hiding yourself for? You’re too gifted to be hidden. You’re too gifted to be in the back room. You’re too gifted to be in the basement. A city that’s set upon a hill cannot be hid.

Stop Allowing Your Haters to Make You Resentful

One of the greatest hindrances of the flow of who you are is when you are encumbered with myriads of resentment. You resent the way you grew up, you resent how people talk to you, you resent your cousins, you resent everybody around you simply because you’ve been through something. God did not intend for it to cause you resentment. This is just the way the journey has got to go because this is the setup [he has] to use.

That’s why, after [your haters] try to kill you, you generally end up in solitude. You generally end up being with yourself because everybody needs a moment of solitude to check out the attitude that they are going forward with. Because if [God puts] you in the palace now, you’ll kill your brothers. So [God has to] allow you to go through something in order to get you to the place where you don’t have murder on your mind.

You’ve got to come out. You’re too gifted to let resentment keep you from expressing what’s in you. … You’re gifted, but you’re still ugly. That’s why you’ve gotta end up in the pit, but the pit is a place of praise, not a place of pity. Because the only reason [Joseph wound up] in the pit was because somebody stopped him from being killed. So I can give God praise while i’m in the pit because I could’ve been dead.

It’s important to understand that God intends for the world to know he has his hand on you, and you’ve gotta stop dumbing down and stop acting like you’re not gifted in order for somebody to be comfortable with you.

Judas: Another Example of God Using a Hater

“Jesus picked Judas. Jesus couldn’t have made a mistake. Judas was perfect at his purpose,” said T.D. Jakes. “That’s the way you have to look at the bad things in your life. They did what they were supposed to do. … ‘You were chosen to hurt me, you were chosen to betray me. Thank you for being the hater you’ve been in my life.’ Stop being mad, stop being upset, and start thanking God.”