Confirmation from God

Andrea Thompson How I Beat CancerI’ve always said coincidences tell me I am where I’m supposed to be. Sometimes, they provide confirmation from God that I said what I was supposed to say. Eight hours after I published yesterday’s post about binge eating, for example, I watched T.D. Jakes, and then I watched the Hagee Ministries program I’d DVRed earlier. When Matt Hagee’s sermon ended, I clicked “watch live TV” and found myself in the middle of an interview with a woman who’d learned she had cervical cancer while she was traveling.

“Before I [left], I had a doctor’s appointment — just a normal checkup,” she said. “And then, you know, everything seemed to be fine … so I went ahead on my trip and had a connecting flight in Phoenix, and then when I got there, I noticed I had a call from the doctor.” When she called him back, he broke the news.

If you’ve been following my memoir from the beginning, you know a radiology department receptionist called me the day I returned home from a four-day trip to St. Maarten to tell me I needed another mammogram because the radiologist had spotted something.

“It could be nothing, it could be something,” she’d said. “Better safe than sorry.”

Eleven years earlier, I’d undergone two surgeries to get rid of cervical cancer cells.

Like me, the woman being interviewed, Andrea Thompson, had survived years of abuse and developed an eating disorder to cope. Also like me, she couldn’t believe she’d survived everything she’d been through only to wind up dying of cancer.

yelling at god
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“And I just said, ‘God, you’ve gotten me through all of this — all of the adversity, all of the pain, all of the trauma — and now this is going to be the thing that takes me out?’ And I just remember clenching my fist, and I just yelled out loud, I said, ‘Why me and why now?'” In response, he asked, “Why not you and why not now?”

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That night, she told God she trusted him to heal her, but, Thompson said, “there was a process [she] needed to walk out.” That process entailed eating the foods she was supposed to be eating rather than the overly processed foods she’d turned to for comfort during her abuse.

“[T]he more man touches … our food, the further away from God it is,” she said. “So, it’s about getting back to the original design of what he created. … God created the body. He designed it so intricately to heal itself. We just need to be able to remove the interference, and it heals — and it really starts with the mind.”

Ninety days after her diagnosis, she was cancer free.

This Morning’s “Coincidence”

After watching T.D. Jakes on Daystar this morning, I got up from my rowing machine and went to my bedroom to get my laptop so I could do Winsor Pilates. As I plugged it in, “Life Today with Betty and James Robison” came on. Before I could change the channel, James admitted he has a hard time controlling how much he eats.

James Robison talking about eating too much.jpg

“I’ve tried every kind of [diet] program,” he said. “But I had a problem. I had an appetite problem that seemed to be bigger than my will.”

After reading a book a colleague gave him, and going on a diet that I can’t advocate as a vegetarian/vegan, the 75-year-old lost 25 pounds.

his appetite was controlling him“[But] we didn’t do this program to try to talk about body size … because the worst thing that can happen to any one of us is to feel like we’re unqualified or we’re failing or we don’t feel good about ourselves. That’s not God putting that on us,” he said. “What I’ve found — this is what really brought me into conviction. … The main thing was, inside, I knew something was controlling me other than God and other than my [own] ability. …

“When the lord really got a hold of my heart, this is the one thing I knew. … All the lord wants to do is help us take care of the body that he made that is the dwelling place of his holy spirit. Jesus said, ‘I’m sending you somebody just like me — just like me, not kind of like me, just like me — to live in you, in this body. And the lord really began to make it clear … ‘James, I’m not through. These may be last days, but you’re going to be what I want you to be until that day I come or you go to be with me, and you’re going to be doing what I designed you to do — not feeling bad, pulled down, wishing you didn’t feel so bad, not able to do what I want you to do.’

“I mean, I’m more alive now than I feel like I was in my 20s and 30s,” he said. “You say, ‘You mean it happened because of this diet?’ No, it happened because I said, ‘Lord, I’m going to take care of this house and somebody handed me some help. … When I saw this from a gift-from-God point of view, that changed everything.”

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