Why Are You Here? What Is Your Purpose? What Are You Supposed to Be Doing with Your Life?

If you’ve ever wondered why you were born or what you’re supposed to be doing with your life, Dr. Darrell Scott has some answers. Continue reading for sermon notes that will help you learn your purpose for being here.

You Were Not an Accident. God Has a Plan for Your Life.

God, the master designer of the universe, has a definite plan for each and every person that he has created. All designs imply a designer. There is great design in the universe. Therefore, there must be a great designer in the universe.

You Aren’t the Only Person Who Questions His or Her Purpose

As people grow … develop and mature, we all have or we all should have had moments of introspection and contemplation. Moments when it’s just you, yourself, and your pillow when you can be honest with yourself and with God. In those moments of contemplation, many people ask themselves, “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose?”

When we become born again, and we begin to mature spiritually, many believers ask the same question, but we ask it in the sense of, “What does God want me to do with my life? How can I find meaning? How can I find purpose? How can I find fulfillment in my life?”

God’s Plan Began Before You Were Born

The book of Jeremiah says, “Before we were formed in our mother’s womb, God had a plan for our life.”

Before we were born, God had a special plan for each one of our lives that set us apart [and] differentiated us from everybody else. Before we were born, God had a clear vision of what he wanted us to accomplish with our lives and in our lives.

God Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

God knows us better than we can ever know ourselves. God knows exactly what we are like deep down in our hearts, he knows everything that we do, he knows every thought that passes through our minds – the same God who created the Earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, the (other) planets – he knows each one of us personally.

God decided who our parents would be, God decided whether we’d be male or female, God decided when we would be born, where we would be born, and into what conditions we would be born into. God chose the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, the color of your skin, who your siblings would be, whether you liked them or not, he determined your intelligence, your abilities, and your personality.

No two people are alike. Identical twins aren’t even alike. God gave us unique talents and abilities to carry out the plan he has for our life.

We are God’s poema, his masterpiece.

How to Fulfill God’s Plan for Your Life

You cannot fulfill that plan until you become a member of his family, until you become a citizen in the kingdom of God, until you get saved.

God’s will – or the implementation of that will – begins with the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our lord and savior even though, when you look back over your life, you can see God’s intervention in your life before you got saved.

Even though we are technically children of Satan before we get saved, God is still omnipotent. If God didn’t intervene, the enemy would destroy each and every one of us. If it were up to the devil, we’d all be dead, and the Earth would be empty. That’s why the Bible says, “It’s because of your mercy that we are not consumed.”

Jesus said no man can come to him unless the father draws them to him. When God draws us, he draws us with the desire that we surrender every area of our lives to his will. We are to be tools/instruments in God’s plans to be used for God’s purpose.

That’s the reason believers remain on Earth after we get saved. If God didn’t have a specific plan for our life, he would’ve taken us to heaven immediately after salvation. God leaves us on this Earth to carry out his will. He didn’t save us so that we could spend our lives – so we could devote our lives – to the pursuit of carnal pleasure. He didn’t save us so we could live our lives any old kind of way, doing any and every kind of thing, allowing things into our lives, participating in vices and evils and activities that are contrary to his will and purpose. He didn’t save us so we could go back into that which we were delivered out of [or continue to engage in] behavior that is offensive to God and try to make acceptable what God has declared unacceptable.

What Happens If You Don’t Figure out Your Purpose

The most important thing for any person to do is to discover the particular purpose that God has intended for their life. That should be the master passion of one’s life and then [we should] integrate it into our life or integrate our life into the plan. To fail to do so will result in dissatisfaction, frustration, and unhappiness.

How to Keep from Screwing up Your Purpose

Some of us – true believers – want God’s best for our lives. And we have to understand the way to receive God’s best is to discover God’s plan for our life, enter into God’s plan or purpose for our life, and then REMAIN in God’s plan or purpose for our life – and then endeavor not to abandon God’s purpose for our life nor deviate from God’s purpose for our life nor become distracted away or drawn away or enticed away from God’s purpose for our life, which is what a number of people do, which causes a host of problems.

Jesus Christ paid a price for us so we could be used as channels for him.

Jesus wants to be more than simply our savior. As tremendous and awesome as that is, Jesus wants to be more than simply our savior. He also wants to be our lord. But there are too many people in the church today – supposed saints – who want to retain Jesus exclusively in his capacity as savior but not lord over their lives.

The Bible says – people are wearing it out these days – “by grace, you [have been] saved through faith.” But, see, saints want to pervert and distort the grace they were saved by and construe it as the grace they can sin by. The Bible says, “by grace you [have been] saved.” You are saved so you can be separate from sin, not so you can continue to sin.

As savior, Jesus rescued you from sin – from its penalty and from its power.

As lord, he keeps you from sinning. As lord, he gives you the ability to choose the good and refuse the evil. As lord, he is able to keep you from falling. He is only able to keep you from falling if you walk in the steps that God has ordered for your life.

Jesus is allowed to become lord over your life. You are to deny yourself – to take up your cross daily. That means a daily decision to follow him wherever and however he leads, knowing he will not lead you into sin, defeat, or failure. [The Bible says if] any man will come after me – if anybody will follow me – let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. “Let him deny himself” literally means to lose sight of oneself or one’s self interests, to forsake one’s self interests.

When one is in Christ, there is no self-promotion. God promotes who he will and he promotes as he will. There is no personal agenda. Jesus said, “Take up your cross daily.” This means there is no break. A lot of believers think they earn time off for good behavior.

“I’ve been saved 22 years, so I can sin for about a month.”

There’s no break.

Jesus said [to] deny yourself and take up your cross daily. It’s a daily activity. It’s not a once-and-for-all happening. Your denial yesterday is not sufficient for today. Just because you denied yourself yesterday doesn’t mean you don’t have to today. A lot of people think yesterday’s denial will take them through tomorrow.