God’s Fundamentals for Husbands and Fathers

your home team is the important team to god
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“I believe that fathers are … the most valuable players on the home team,” Pastor Matt Hagee said during a sermon that aired on TBN before Father’s Day. “We need you to remember that the home team is the important team. Your home team is not the people you work with. Your home team is not the guys you used to play ‘Friday Night Lights’ with. Your home team is the wife and the children that God gave you. That’s the most important team. …

“My family is my franchise. My kids and my grandkids [are] my dynasty. They’re the ones that are going to tell the world whether or not I was an adequate coach in this life. … And how you trained them when they were yours is how well they’re going to play in the future. … [But] you’ve got to remember where greatness comes from. If you want to build a great family, you’ve got to know that greatness comes from one source and one source alone, and that is God almighty.

[Psalm 127:1 says:]

unless the lord builds the house the builders labor in vain

“Dad, your life will not win unless God is the foundation of life. Your children will have no basis unless God is the foundation of the home. Your marriage will not overcome challenges unless God is the anchor that you build your marriage upon. Your family has no foundation unless the lord build[s] the house.

pretending to work hard“Now listen to the next words: they labor. … The point is very clear. In life, you will labor. And that’s an important lesson for Dad to teach to his family. … I know some people are working really hard at hardly working. Dad, if you teach your children anything, teach them that there is something called a work ethic. This world has an overwhelming lack of real work ethic. …

practice makes perfect“In keeping with the theme for the day … I took the time to look through several statistics and several stories and several articles about some of the greatest that ever coached or played the game. I looked at professional football, I looked at baseball, I looked at basketball, I looked at golf, I looked at tennis, and all of the different things where we would identify great athletes. The thing that made these individuals hall of fame, all-pro, capable athletes is the fact that rather than being extraordinarily gifted at one thing, they were extraordinarily diligent at doing the fundamentals. They mastered the basics of their sport, and they just executed it over and over and over and over again.

fathers who need to be diligent“I got excited when I found that out because I believe that the fundamentals of fatherhood are something that every individual who has the privilege of being a dad can do. I don’t believe that there are great dads and not-great dads. I believe that there are fathers who are diligent and fathers who need to be diligent. And the good news is … that God has some fundamentals that he wants you to accomplish.

“[First], you’ve got to read the playbook. You’ve got to know what [the Bible] says. You cannot achieve anything well in sports unless you are on the same page as the general manager. …

“[Then, there are] two basic fundamentals that God wants you to know today, fathers, and God wants you to do. The first fundamental is he wants you to love. … And the second fundamental is he wants you to lead. …

greatest commandment“Let’s start with the fundamental of love. The first thing that he wants you to do is love the lord your God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, with all of your mind, and with all of your strength. Dad, you’ve got to love the lord in such an out-loud way that your kids will learn to love him, too. They’ve got to see you read the word and apply it to your life. They’ve got to hear you pray your prayers and give God thanks when they’re answered. They’ve got to watch you come to the house of God and lift your hands and praise the lord so that they’ll begin to hunger and thirst after righteousness because the first God they’ll ever know is the one you introduce them to.

jesus led by example“God expects every man to lead. The Bible says that the head of the wife is the husband just as Christ is the head of the church. Dad, you need to know that the thing that qualifies you to lead is your ability to follow. If you are following Christ, you are qualified to lead, because every great coach is always coachable. He never stops being a student of the game, and, as a father, you will never stop being a student of the game of life. This is why Hebrews tells us [to fix our eyes on Jesus]. That means we look to him because he is our example. We are to do what he did. When Jesus was on this Earth, the way that he taught his disciples was simply by showing them what to do. He didn’t tell them to pray, he showed them to pray. He didn’t tell them to minister, he showed them what ministry looked like. And then they went and did what they saw.

“So the kind of leadership that God wants you to have with your family is the kind of leadership that leads by example. God wants you to lead by the example of guarding your family. He looks at you as the protector. Now that job, 50 years ago, used to be pretty easy. All you had to do to protect your family 50 years ago was lock the gate and load the gun, [and] everything was fine.

fathers are supposed to protect their daughter“Now, technology has made protection a lot more difficult. Now, the worldwide web will let all kinds of creatures into your home that you wouldn’t let stand on your front porch. But you’ve still got to be diligent by leading your family by protecting them. That means that you’ve got to know what the Wi-Fi password is, and you’ve got to put a lock on the remote. You’ve got to put spyware on the PC and a GPS on the car. You’ve got to put a polygraph on the babysitter when she walks through the door and a background check and a private investigator on the boyfriend when he rings the doorbell. Hire a mediator to negotiate … what your teenagers are going to wear and how they’re going to do their hair and the music that they like to listen to. And, remember, you were a teenager once, too.

god expects you to protect your daughter even from herself
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“Fifty years ago, you actually had to have a contract with a television network to be on TV. Now, if you’ve got a cell phone, you are your own personal television network. Which means that, Dad, you’ve got to pay attention to everything your kids are doing so that you can guard them because that’s what it takes to lead them.

“Not only do you guard them but you guide them. Guidance requires that you have a presence of direction in their life. There are a lot of dads that choose the role of I’m-just-going-to-let-the-kids-choose-for-themselves. That’s not what’s intended. You guide them in their decisions. …

“Men, I understand that not everybody had a great example for a dad, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be one. You have a heavenly father who was a fabulous example. … [All things become new to those who are in Christ Jesus.] That means that whatever happened in your life before you came to the cross, it all changed right after that, and you can become the man of God that he called you to be regardless of what yesterday had in it. … Yesterday is something everyone has got to decide to get over. You can shrug your shoulders and say, ‘Dad didn’t hug me, so I don’t know how to hug my kids,’ or you can hug yours with everything you’ve got. You can teach your kids that forgiveness is the key that unlocks doors and builds bridges and that the worst thing that they’ll ever do is hold a grudge. Grudges kill families.”

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