The No. 1 Reason God Allowed Me to Become Homeless: Because He Said He Would

When I started writing this blog four years ago, I shared that I’ve been shoveling food down my throat to prevent myself from telling people off since I was a kid. I also shared the following reasons I believe God gave me food allergies at age 38:

  • Gluttony is a sin.
  • Christians are supposed to act like Jesus. That entails practicing self-control in addition to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness.
  • God won’t overlook one sin just because I’m good in other areas.
  • I can’t resist the devil if I can’t even resist a chocolate chip cookie, or in my case, buttercream frosting, to quote Joyce Meyer.
  • God owns my body.

god owns our bodies

  • God lives inside of me.

we are god's temple

  • Also, God wants to replace destructive attitudes, such as resentment, and destructive actions, such as compulsive eating, with peace.

I closed that post with the following admonition from Proverbs:

the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty

So, if you were to ask me for the No. 1 reason God allowed me to become homeless last year, I would say, “Because he said he would.”

People who don’t know me might scoff at that, thinking I must’ve done something more serious, so I thought I’d share the following reminders.

Reminder No. 1: You’re Supposed to Become a New Creation After You Get Saved

you're supposed to become a new creation after you get saved

Reminder No. 2: God Doesn’t Want Christians Putting Anything, Especially Sin, Before Him

Exodus 34:14 couldn’t be more clear:

God demands your complete loyalty

Reminder No. 3: God Wants You to Kill Your Bull

“[The Israelites] were people who had been in Egypt for 400 years,” Bishop T.D. Jakes said during a sermon titled “Kill the Bull.” “Their minds had changed. … Their minds had become totally polluted by their environment.

We are affected by our environment, our associations, our friends … [and families]. … It is therefore, then, not enough to get people saved … if you’re not going to deal with the residue of [their] culture … There are some things that you bring with you that threaten to pollute you if you don’t detach yourself from those things and be liberated from them.”

We’re supposed to be growing and maturing, he said, likening the process to labor. “Think about it: even in birth, there is a detaching process that affects everything – the way [the baby] eats, the way it sees, the way it hears.” It goes from drinking milk to eating baby food to eating adult food. “Detachment is a process,” he said.

“Getting stuck in a rut, in a mentality is a dangerous thing. We’re supposed to be ever-evolving. …

“You have a progressive god. Your god is a moving god. Your god is a forward-thinking god. He’s calling you. … A call means you must be willing to move from where you are to come in the direction of what you hear… If he called you, you have to be willing to go through the transition of going from where you were to where he’s calling you.

“I want you to further understand that you can come out geographically, you can change your [physical] position and not change your mental context. In fact, it is easier to move yourself physically than [it is] to move yourself mentally. It takes a lot of work to do that, it takes a lot of work to do that, it takes a lot of work to change your mind and your habits and your attitudes and your appetites and evolve to where you’re going. …

egyptian god that looked like a cow“Here [the Israelites were] after 400 years of servitude, slavery, and [being] influenced by the Egyptians … they’ve got a date with Jehovah, and they can’t even imagine who he is … so they built what they thought God would look like. And it was based on where they came from. … From whence cometh this calf? This is not in the tradition of the Hebrews. … From whence cometh this calf? It came from the Egyptians. Because the Egyptians’ god looked like a cow. So, when people get loose, they build idols … based on the cultures they came from. So, give ‘em to Christ all you want. But if you’re not going to work with the mind to change the culture, they’ll just build the same ghetto out here that they had over there. …

“You say, ‘I don’t worship nothing but God.’ Yeah, you do. Whatever you give your time, your body, your money [to] – that’s worship. Church is not the only one that takes up an offering. Everything takes up offerings. …

“The calf [couldn’t] fly. It couldn’t run. A golden calf can’t even walk,” Jakes said. “You have built monuments that will stop you from moving forward. If you stay with them, you will die [like many of the Israelites did]. You have to leave them behind and move into your destiny and forget your history and say, ‘As for me and my house [we will serve the lord].'”

Reminder No. 4: When God Saves Us, He Doesn’t Just Want Us to Be Free, He Wants Us to Be Free Indeed

“There’s a difference between being free and being free indeed,” Jakes said during another sermon. “There’s a difference between embracing a liberating ideology and really walking in total freedom and wholeness and delivery.” … “God used a strange teacher to teach me the difference between free and free indeed.”

difference between being free and free indeedIn 2015, convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat broke out of prison.

“[T]hey were free, but they were not free indeed,” Jakes said. The entire time they were out, they had to keep looking over their shoulder.

“Jesus said, ‘I didn’t just come to set you free, because you can be free and not be free indeed. I want you to be so free that you never have to look back over your shoulder.”

God took the Israelites from being free to free indeed when he drowned Pharaoh in the Red Sea.

“When the struggle is over, you can give God the praise for being free indeed,” Jakes said. …

“Let freedom ring. Let freedom ring because it costs too much for us to walk away with being free when we could be free indeed. … They hung an innocent man high and stretched him wide, and he shed his blood, and for you, he died so that you could be free indeed.”


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