What Faith + Doing Your Part Looks Like

My previous two posts stated God wants you to demonstrate your faith like the man with the withered hand demonstrated his to Jesus, and he wants you to do your part before he does his. The Israelites provided a great example, according to Dr. Darrell Scott.

How the Israelites Demonstrated Their Faith in God

“Hebrews 11 says, ‘By faith, [the Israelites] passed through the Red Sea,'” Scott said. “[F]aith is the opposite of sight. … You’ve got to see God move with the eyes of faith before you can see God move with the eyes of sight. … [B]efore you can go forward, your faith must see the invisible, your faith must hear the inaudible, your faith must touch the intangible.

“The Bible says Moses obeyed God and stretched out his hand. … [I]f you want a miracle, you need to obey God and stretch yourself out. … [S]tretch out on his Word, stretch out in your faith, stretch yourself, stretch yourself out, go to the maximum limits of your imagination and tell yourself, ‘There’s nothing I can’t do. There’s nothing I can’t have. There’s nothing I can’t become.’ …

“When he stretched out, the waters did not begin to divide even after he stretched out. They didn’t start to open up until Israel was standing at the very brink.

on the brink“How many of you know that sometimes things don’t open up until you’re at the brink — you’re at the brink of disaster, you’re at the brink of catastrophe, you’re at the brink of calamity — and then God opens it up. Because, otherwise, if he had opened it up in advance, they would not have been walking by faith, they would have been walking by sight. It says, ‘By faith, they passed through the Red Sea,’ which means it did not begin to open up until they stepped out and stepped in.”

Why God Didn’t Part the Water All at Once

When you step out and all you can see is the first step ... that's faith right there“The waters didn’t begin to part until they stepped in. And it did not part all at once. It did not part all at one time. If it opened up and they could see all the way through, they wouldn’t have been walking by faith. They would’ve been walking by sight. When you step out, and all you can see is the first step … that’s faith right there. All I can see is the first step. I can’t see the second step yet. It’s only opening up one step at a time. The sea opened up as they went forward one step at a time. [W]hen you come out, when you step out, it’s gonna open up one step at a time. … Every step they took required them to trust in the lord. ‘I made it through this step, now I’ve gotta step out again. I made it through that step, now I’ve gotta believe God again. I made it through this step, now I’ve gotta keep on believin’ God. [E]very step I take on this journey, I’ve got to believe God. I’ve got to trust God. Trust him to open it up. Trust him to make a way. Trust him to take me through.’

“As long as they kept moving in faith, things just kept openin’ up.

“[A]s long as you keep walkin’ in faith, baby, God will open up some things for you.

god told them to turn around and look at their enemies one last time before he finished them off“They didn’t run. They didn’t rush through at top speed. God told them, ‘Turn around and look one last time. Look over your shoulders one last time. He said because these Egyptians you see today, this problem you have today, this issue you were dealin’ with today before you stepped out in faith, he said, ‘you shall see them again no more. Forever.’ In other words, he said, ‘You’re not going to go through what you went through ever again.'”

What God Wants You to Say

“[S]ay, ‘It’s over. And I’m out. My struggle is over. The bondage is over. The captivity is over. And I’m comin’ out! I’m comin’ out! My affliction is over, and I’m steppin’ out. I’m steppin’ out in faith. I’m steppin’ out on his Word, steppin’ out on his promise. I’m steppin’ out on my dream. I’m steppin’ out of doubt. I’m steppin’ out of worry. I’m steppin’ out of fear. I’m steppin’ out of confusion. I’m steppin’ out of nervousness. I’m steppin’ out of depression. I’m steppin’ out of loneliness. I’m steppin’ out, and I’m gonna believe God like I never have believed God before.

“I believed him when he said I’m the head and not the tail. I believed him when he said I’m on top and not on bottom. I believed him when he said I come behind in no good thing. I believed him when he said everything I touch will prosper. I believed him when he said I will be successful. I believed him when he said I’m more than a conqueror.

“Touch somebody and tell them, ‘It’s over. It’s over. The captivity is over. The problem is over. The bondage is over. The poverty is over. The lack is over. And I’m comin’ out.’ …


“Things didn’t begin to open up first until Moses stretched out, and then the people had to step out.

“[S]tretch out and step out. Stretch yourself out. Stretch out your imagination. Stretch out your dreams. Stretch out your vision. Stretch out. God’ll open things up — every step you take, God’ll begin to open it up more and more and more and more and more.

“They were not able to get a breakthrough until they stretched out and stepped out. And when they stretched out and stepped out, he said, ‘This stuff you’ve been dealin’ with? This stuff that’s been threatenin’ you and holdin’ you back? Look at it one last time. Get it in your mind one last time. Think about it one last time.’ He said, ‘You ain’t got to deal with it no more. I’m gonna take care of it this time, and you won’t have to worry about it — when I do it this time, oh, baby, it’s gonna be easy after this.’

If you have faith in God the rest will be easy

“And you know what happened? When they stretched out by faith and they stepped out in faith, not only did they get a miracle, not only did everything open up? But they brought closure — they brought closure to the activity of the enemy in their life. You see, the same thing they stepped out in was the same thing God used to bring closure to the Egyptians, because when the Egyptians went in after them, God closed the water over them. … God’s about to bring closure to the problem, bring closure to some struggles, bring closure to some issues in your life.”


5 thoughts on “What Faith + Doing Your Part Looks Like

  1. Our faith enlarges with each step we take into the unknown with Jesus. We do not know where He is leading us but, we have faith in Him. And, that is all that matters. He never lets us down. Joseph a son of Jehovah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well… I wouldn’t say never. 😞 He allowed my cats and me to become homeless last year, soooo I’m having a tough time trusting him right now. He’s ushering me back toward freelancing (I’m a writer and editor), but he allowed that to fail before. My next post will be about how people often take the easy route (for me, low-paying retail jobs), even if the easy route makes them miserable, rather than face the fear of the unknown.


  2. It is in our hard times that The Holy Spirit teaches us the most and that we mature the most. That was certainly true for me and other Christians I have talked with that walk close with our Beloved.
    Have you considered getting into Christian counselling?
    It helped me tremendously. It has helped so many folks I have met through the years.
    It was funny because when they gave me an aptitude test and informed me of the careers best suited to me. I laughed at them because of my lack of self confidence. Then as time went on, Jehovah took my into every one of those professions with great success.
    I am not saying that you lack self confidence but I was always considered a failure by my family from an early age so I had no self confidence. That was good because it taught me to have confidence in Christ more than myself.
    I am praying for you every morning precious little sister. Your story echoes my life and I care about you.


    1. God would laugh at the thought of me lacking self-confidence. If anything, I’m a little too prideful at times. My father had called me stupid so often that when I finally went to college, I busted my butt to double major and graduate with a 3.82 (poetry was my downfall — people should just say what they mean instead of being flowery, lol). My university’s director of creative writing wrote a letter of recommendation that said I easily counted among the five or six most naturally talented writers he’d met in 20 years of teaching. He graduated from Princeton, so that was a high compliment. If you can’t go to an Ivy League school yourself, it’s nice to have someone who did say good things about you.

      I wanted to be a magazine editor. Unfortunately, I graduated in 2009 as the economy was beginning to recover from the recession and as magazines were closing, thinking the Kindle was taking over. I applied to so.many.jobs and either heard nothing or heard that they’d rather hire someone local.

      Frustrated, I gave up. And since I had to pay my bills, I wound up working for law firms again. After I worked as a paralegal for a year, a firm hired me to write website content. I worked for a mean guy who reminded me so much of my father that I went on an antidepressant for a few weeks, but I learned how to get everything I wrote to the first page of Google for searches that turned up millions of results.

      God’s using that now. I see it every day when I check my WordPress stats. For example, every day, at least two people find my sermon notes titled “God Wants You to Die. (Don’t Fight It.).” Even if they don’t read anything I actually wrote, they read the important post.

      For years, I’ve heard that God gives you gifts and talents for HIS use, not yours. So, after I lost a few clients who opted to go to cheaper content writers, I resigned myself to the fact that I was supposed to use those skills for CLEvangelism, nothing for me.

      Lately (and possibly longer than that), he’s been leading me back to freelancing. But after you lose your home, you become more than a little gun-shy. That was a terrible experience, and I couldn’t believe he let that happen to me (especially after everything else I’ve gone through). So, it’s hard for me to trust him. That being said, I greatly appreciate your prayers. I could really use them.


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