God Wants You to Do Your Part, and Then He’ll Do His 

When you picture the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years, what do you see? According to Dr. Darrell Scott, your pastor may have led you to believe the Israelites were surviving by eating manna every day — i.e., waiting for God to give them what they needed. With that in mind, you may be waiting for God to give you what you need. But, Scott said, God wants you to do your part, and then he’ll do his. 

Darrell Scott on the Church’s Erroneous Thinking

Nothing could be further from the truth“We’ve been led to believe – and it’s contributed to the thought processes and the mindset and the behavior that a number of us engage in – we’ve been led to believe that, in the wilderness, Israel experienced nothing but supernatural provision,” Scott said. “We’ve been led to believe that. Nothing could be further from the truth. And it’s caused a number of believers – that thought, that thinking, that teaching – has caused a number of believers to wait for the supernatural when they could have done the natural.

“Let me tell you something: do not expect the supernatural when you can execute and implement the natural,” Scott said. “God supernaturally provided for Israel as a supplement to and not a substitute for natural provision. It was a supplement, not a substitute.”

Proof That the Israelites Ate More Than Manna

“Let me make it plainer to you, and I’m gonna prove it out by the Word of God. Contrary to popular opinion, Israel did not only have manna to eat for 40 years in the wilderness, with the exception of quail one time.

“In Leviticus 23:5, the Israelites were commanded to eat the Passover meal on the 14th day of the first month,” Scott said.

passover lamb
These lambs are alive, so please don’t mistake this for an anti-vegan post. The Israelites didn’t treat animals the way we treat them today.

“In Numbers 9:10, there was an allowance for a second Passover meal if someone had missed the first meal because of uncleanness. Now, the Passover meal was lamb, bitter herbs, and unleavened bread. So then, twice a year, they were to eat meat, herbs, and bread.

“Leviticus chapter 1 states that the Israelites had with them in the wilderness cattle, goats, sheep, turtledoves, and pigeons. And let me tell you something: they did not have them with them as pets.

“Exodus 12:38 says they had herds and flocks.

Deuteronomy 3:19 says they had [a lot of livestock].

“When Moses struck that rock for water in Numbers 20, it states that the purpose of the water was to provide for themselves and for their cattle.

“Leviticus chapter 2 states that they had flour, salt, oil, corn, and honey. And to say that they were specifically supposed to make unleavened bread for Passover lets us know that they had the capability to make leavened bread. Leviticus 6:17 tells us that … yeast was available, but they were not to use it for that particular Passover meal. …

you can’t possibly think that the Israelites had cooking utensils and ovens and various food that they could cook, and they only ate manna for 40 years“Leviticus 7:9 says they had frying pans, griddles, and ovens for baking. Now, you can’t possibly think that the Israelites had cooking utensils and ovens and various food that they could cook, and they only ate manna for 40 years. …

“In Leviticus 7:23, the Israelites were commanded not to eat the fat of oxen, sheep, or goats…

“They were also instructed in Leviticus 17:13 to drain the blood of any beast or … fowl that they had hunted and killed before they ate it. Why? ‘For the life of the flesh is in the blood.'”

Why God Sent Them Manna

manna was a one a day vitamin“So, manna, which did come to them supernaturally, was a daily nutritional supplement that was sent to them by the lord. Actually, you know what it was? A One A Day vitamin. It was a daily nutritional supplement. … It was not sent to relieve them of the responsibility of providing for themselves. They were not relieved of any responsibility of tilling the soil, sowing the seeds, and raising the crops, and preparing food, and hunting for game, or any of the other necessities of life. In other words, they still had to work in order for their needs to get met.

one does not simply eat manna and chill“I mean, what did you think when you thought about Israel in the wilderness? Did you think that all they did was relax all day, eat manna, drink water, and chill while God sent them food and water from a supernatural supply? …

“So many people today want God to give them what they can get for themselves. … They want God to do for them what they are able to do for themselves. … Let me tell you something: whatever God gives you and whatever God does for you is given as a supplement and not as a substitute. God gave them the manna as a supplement, he did not give it to them as a substitute.

“God demonstrated to them that he would provide for them even in desert places; however, once again, they were not relieved of their responsibility to do for themselves. They were not relieved of the responsibility to endeavor for themselves. They still had to work. They still had to sow. They still had to build. They still had to cook. They still had to clean. They still had to maintain for themselves. Even though they were in a desert placewhich demonstrates that when God is moving on your behalf, no matter how your situation appears at the moment, you still have a part to play. God has his part, and you have your part.”

How to Get God to Bless You

“If you want God to bless you supernaturally, you’ve got to give him something to work with in the natural,” Scott said. “Give him ideas, give him ability, give him some determination, give him some persistence, give him some drive, give him some courage, give him some conviction, give him some consistency, give him some charm, give him some personality so he can give you some favor, get you promoted, get you increase, give you a husband, give you a wife, or get you blessed.”

give and god will give to you

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