One More Possible Reason You’re Suffering: God’s Shaking the Nest

Before I get back to the memoir and tell you why I’ve been suffering and how God delivered me today, here’s one more possible reason you’re suffering: God’s shaking the nest.

Some CliffsNotes:

When God stirs the nest, you can’t sit where you used to sit. You can’t [lie] down where you used to [lie] down. You can’t turn to who you used to turn to because God has stirred the nest.

He stirred the nest.

You didn’t get laid off. He stirred the nest.

Your honey-boo didn’t leave you. He stirred the nest.

They didn’t downsize that position. He stirred the nest.

god's stirring the nestYou know why? You got comfortable sitting when you were meant to be soaring. You were sitting when you need to be soaring, and [there’s] nothing like trouble — [there’s] nothing like trouble to make you find out what you’ve got.

God will push you.

He will push you. It looks cruel, but he will push you. It’s disturbing, but he will push you.

The mother who has carried these eggs and sat on them and nurtured them and loved them now looks cruel because she now pushes them out of the nest.

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