Seven Things You Need to Know About God (Nothing Just Happens)

drifting from one job and relationship to anotherIf, like me, you’ve spent your life drifting from one job and relationship to another in search of the stability and love your parents didn’t provide, there’s a reason things haven’t worked out: God.



Intrigued? Good. But before I explain why I’m blaming him for everything that ever happened to us, here are seven things you need to know about God. You aren’t going to like a few of them.

1. God Is Not Sitting in the Sky Watching Us Like Billy Baldwin Watched Sharon Stone and Her Neighbors in “Sliver”

God is a spirit
Carnal Christians will recognize this screencap from the movie “Lucy.”

The Lord’s Prayer refers to God as our “father who art in heaven,” and some people call him “Daddy God,” which is nauseating if, like me, you shudder when anyone over age 10 says “mommy” or “daddy,” but God is not a man. He’s a spirit.

“[People try] to confine an infinite Lord to a finite form so that He fits human perceptions and desires,” Dr. Charles Stanley said in his October 29, 2017, daily devotion. “But if He could be restricted to some animal or person, then He simply would not be worthy of worship.”

2. When You Become a Christian, God Gives You Some of That Spirit

After you get saved, the holy spirit comes to live inside of you as a helper.

3. God Speaks to Us Through Impressions

Unlike Oprah, who said she’d run for president in 2020 if God gave her a sign, Vice President Mike Pence got a lot of flak from talk-show host Joy Behar, who later admitted to being a Christian, and atheists for saying he hears from Jesus. The fact is, as Joyce Meyer said in “Seize the Day: Living on Purpose and Making Every Day Count,” God speaks to believers through impressions.

test the spirits to see whether they are from God“The spiritual man doesn’t reason, he discerns, and there is a big difference,” she said. “Something may sound right to my mind, and yet I may not have any peace about it in my spirit. If that is the case, I should always follow peace.”

The trick, as John 4:1-6 suggests, is being a good enough Christian to recognize the difference between God’s impressions and the devil’s/enemy’s.

4. Atheism and Agnosticism Insult God

Where were you when I spat out the seven seas, where were you when I separated the light from darkness“[P]eople who teach at universities and have doctorate degrees, … you’re very astute,” Bishop T.D. Jakes, who majored in psychology, said during one sermon. “[But] when you bring that philosophical ideology to church, you struggle with faith because faith is not a science. It defies logic. And sometimes, because you are so reasoned, you did wonderful at the university, but you struggle in the kingdom because you want to know why about everything, which is great for the classroom, but it’s wrong for the kingdom because you cannot expect God to explain why to something as small as you. He’ll ask you, like he [asked] Job, ‘Where were you when I spat out the seven seas, where were you when I separated the light from darkness, where were you – my thoughts are above your thoughts, my ways above your ways.’ Faith is not logical.

Matthew 18 2-3
Matthew 18:2-3
2 He called a little child to him and placed the child among them. 3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

“So in an endeavor to be just, salvation comes by faith. … Because if it came by intellectualism, it wouldn’t be just. If it came by talent, it wouldn’t be just. Faith is God leveling the playing [field]. He leveled it so low [that] he said, ‘Unless you become like children…’ You want to learn about faith? Watch your children. Not your pastor. Watch your children. Watch how easily they believe what they are exposed to. And that easiness in which they believe is built on trust. … The problem that God has with unbelievers is that your unbelief is an insult to him. It says you don’t trust him. It says that your little mind that he created is policing the God who created it. It says that you would dare to put your thoughts in an argument with the God who created the mind that you have to think with.”

5. The Will of God Has Nothing to Do with Your Happiness

sent jesus to the crossMore from T.D. Jakes:

“The will of God is not sent to please you.

“The will of God is not sent to fulfill you.

“The will of God is sent to woo you into the place you need to be for the things he has for you to do. If I said no more than that, I’ve already preached.

“You think that the will of God is a warranty from heaven that you will have no problems. And you are absolutely wrong. The will of God can get you into all kinds of trouble. The will of God led Jesus out into the wilderness to a face-to-face confrontation with the devil, where he did without food for 40 days and almost died in the will of God.

“The will of God sent Jesus to the cross. …

“I’m trying to bring you into an understanding that even when things went wrong, they were right.

Samson and Delilah
Scene from Cecil B. DeMille’s “Samson and Delilah.”

“[For example] Samson was hoping to marry this woman, and he threw a big party to celebrate … He did not understand that this woman was trying to trick him out of information and succeeds in tricking him. He gives her the answer to [her] riddle because he thinks intimacy equates with trust. And that is not always the case. He … gets tricked because of his weakness, and his weakness leads to an anger that brings him to an attack against Israel, and it was all in the will of God.

“God didn’t mean for [their] relationship to work. He meant for the relationship to move [Samson] into a position so that God could use him in another dimension, and God couldn’t get him to that new dimension if he didn’t go through this failed relationship, which was the catalyst [that catapulted] him into God’s divine destiny.

“[The Bible says] all things work together for the good of them that love the lord who are called according to his purpose. They may not work out the way you want them to work, but they work the way God wants them to work so that he can put you into the place that he wants you to be.”

6. Some People Are Nothing More Than Pawns

'Head_of_Saint_John_the_Baptist'_by_an_anonymous_Spanish_painter,_c._1600-1650,_Cleveland_Museum_of_Art“In order to bring Ruth [into the kingdom, God] has to mess up Naomi’s life,” Bishop Noel Jones said. “He kills [her husband and two sons] just so he can bring Ruth into Israel, so Ruth can meet Boaz. God is not on a leash. He can wreck people’s lives in order to position you. And if God kills somebody, it ain’t murder. He’ll move some up, he’ll move some down. … You don’t know who God’s going to touch in order to move you in. Now, you can praise him when he upsets other people’s lives to move you in, but can you praise him when he upsets your life to move them in?

“John the Baptist was created for no other reason than to point us to Christ. That’s why he was made. When he finished his job, notice [that] God didn’t let him die in any nice way.” [He was beheaded, and his head was served to Salome’s mother on a platter.] “Now ain’t that scandalous. After he’s done the will of God, God lets him die in an awful way, and God is still God. And if you’re not offended, he’ll bless you. If you’re offended, you’ll walk away.”

7. Nothing Just Happens

predetermination - nothing just happens

T.D. Jakes on predetermination:

“I’m so sick of talking to people who think everything just happens. I guess I’ll go to church. I guess I’ll get saved. I guess I’ll move to Chicago. I guess I’ll move to Dallas. That’s not how it is. The steps of a good man are ordered by the lord. Your steps were ordered.

if you hadn't made that turn that you made yesterday“If you hadn’t gotten the phone call that you got when you got it, you wouldn’t even be here right now.

“If you hadn’t made the turn that you made yesterday, you wouldn’t experience what you’re experiencing today.

“God has been behind the curtain like a puppet master, pulling strings in your life. It’s not that you’re smart, it’s not that you’re great, it’s not that you’re holy, it’s not that you’re perfect, it’s not that you’re good, but God winded you up, pointed you in the right direction, released you into your destiny, and you are here, and you can’t get away. Slap somebody and tell them, ‘Nothing just happens.’ …

“Can I take it to the next level?

enormous whale“Jonah [disobeyed God by going to Tarshish instead of Ninevah.] Even though God told him to go to Ninevah and he didn’t go, he was still in the will.

“He went the wrong way, and he was still in the will.

“They threw him off the boat. He was still in the will.

“I’ll prove to you that he was in the will. [There] just happened to be a big fish swimming by the big boat so that when these men dumped him over, the fish just [makes chomping sound]. The fish carried him down to the bottom with seaweed wrapped around his neck. He’s thousands of feet below sea level, and God sustained him. Sustained him not one day, not two days, not four days but three days.

“Nothing just happens.

“ON THE THIRD DAY, the backslidden, rebellious, reprobate, disconnected, disjointed creature comes up out of the water and thousands of years later, Christ says, “Even as Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days, so shall the son of man be in the grave.” He had to get up when he got up, and he had to go down when he went down because nothing just happens.

“Your mistakes were in his will.

“Your trouble was in his will.

“Your pain was in his will. I don’t care what you went through.

“David said, ‘If I make my bed in hell, thou art there…’ He was with you in the middle of your trouble. He was with you in the middle of your pain. …

“Touch seven people and tell them, ‘He’s got a plan.’

CEO nameplate“Whatever God has predetermined to happen – whatever God has predetermined to happen – will come to pass. And no devil in hell has ever been able to abort the purpose of God. Not once. And, yes, God gave you [free] will, and you’re a free moral agent, but if you think your human will is strong enough to change his divine will, you are trippin’, you are out of your mind. God is God. The reason we worship him as God is because he is the CEO. He is in charge. He runs the universe. And when God gets ready to make you, and when God gets ready to break you, and when God gets ready to take you, he’s never been without the power to make you yield to his will. He never – not one moment or time – [has been unable] to orchestrate your affairs, and nothing in your life – think about the most damnable thing that ever happened in your life and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about the most embarrassing thing that ever happened in your life and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about the most impoverished, financially depleting thing that ever happened in your life and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about the worst scandal you ever went through in your life and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about people who loved you and walked out and left you and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about betrayal on the highest level of your life and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about the struggle going on on your job right now and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about the attitude of your kinfolks and your family members and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about how the boss is treating you on your job and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about that disagreement between you and your children and shout, ‘Nothing.’

“Think about your past life of sin: your whoremongering, your inappropriateness, your attitude, your dysfunction and shout, ‘Nothing.’ …

“In the midst of hell and high water, shout, ‘Nothing.’

“In the midst of pain and despair, shout, ‘Nothing.’

“When your credit is denied, shout, ‘Nothing.’

“When you’re evicted out of your house, shout, ‘Nothing.’

“When your boyfriend marries somebody else, shout, ‘Nothing.’




“No thing.

“No thing just happens.

“No thing in your life just happened.

“No thing in your life just happened. …

“I just want to tell you something. I wish I could look every one of you right in the face because I’m talking to you. I’m talking to you about the stuff that you can’t talk to nobody about. I need to tell you – I got up to tell you that nothing – nothing just happens. None of it. Not one bit of it just happened. He’s up to something.”

Keep that in mind as you read the rest of this memoir.

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  1. …so funny when you said the part about, …”you are trippin’ ! lol….i usta live in cleveland, went to Christ the King catholic school for grade school in east cleve….this post is , well, it just IS !!! i give thanks! Bless you darling*

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