Acknowledging Alphonso: A Thank You for My Liebster Award

I regret that it has taken me a week to thank fellow blogger Alphonso White for nominating me for another writing award, but I can no longer afford Wi-Fi, my phone decided to die after six and a half years, and life has been sucking harder than usual. So I will make this short and salty.

Liebster Award Rules

liebster award - CLEvangelismAccording to the rules, I’m supposed to:

    • display the award;
    • thank the person who nominated me and provide a link to his blog;
    • write a 150-300 word post about my favorite blog;
    • nominate 5–11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers and tell them they’ve been nominated;
    • list these rules.

Here’s what I’m gonna do instead: I’m going to implore you to read Alphonso’s posts, beginning with his list of pet peeves. I would add “people who whistle” and move “people with questionable morals” and “people with no empathy” to the top of the list, but other than that, I agree with every word and his choice of stock photo.

After that, I encourage you to bounce around his blog to review his bucket list, which may inspire you to start your own, learn how to overcome writer’s block, discover new ways to engage your followers, and be a better human.

Answers to Alphonso’s Questions

  1. If you had to delete your entire blog but could keep just one post, which one would it be and why? Like my Unique Blogger Award answer, I’m going with How My Parents’ Abusive Marriage Ended (in Three Stages) but for a different reason: It says what it needed to say, from the evil, hateful things my father said and did to my mom’s confession to my guilt.
  2. If you were to write a short (<25 words) note to your future self, say, 10 years from now, what one thing would you say? It hurt — your heart and your pride — having to be the bigger person, but it was worth it.
  3. If you had to choose a different topic to blog about, what would it be? (What else are you passionate about enough to write about?) Hawaii. In fact, my domain name was initially I scrapped it for reasons I will elaborate upon in an upcoming chapter, but I’ve spent weeks on Oahu, the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai — in that order — and could tell you so many things in ways that travel sites — and other travelers — haven’t.
  4. If you were to host an event for the bloggers that you nominated for this award to meet in person what would you do? If I were nominating 5-11 bloggers for this award, I would ask them for their top 10 bucket list goals, find an adventurous commonality among the answers, and schedule an outing that participants couldn’t wait to write about afterward.
  5. What other awards have you been nominated for? Alphonso was kind enough to nominate me for the Unique Blogger Award, and back when I wrote short stories, Vagabondage Press published one and nominated it for the Pushcart Prize and Dzanc Books’ Best of the Web.
  6. You’re a time traveler, where do you go? (I mean when do you go.) Reading about the things people do to each other and to animals, I’ve always felt like I don’t belong here — like maybe I was born during the wrong time period. But the more I’ve learned about history, the more I’ve realized that people have always been cruel. So my very un-Christian answer is: I would spend 1984, the best year in music, clubbing in NYC, minus the Bolivian marching powder.
  7. What would you do if you won the lottery? (Say, 1 million dollars.) An ex calls me “Tink,” short for Tinker Bell, and says, “It’s your song,” every time Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes” comes on Sirius, so I would of course divvy some of  the money among charities — both human- and animal-related organizations. Contrary to what trolls have posted in response to Facebook comments, compassion isn’t limited to one or the other. At least it shouldn’t be. As for the rest of the winnings, it’s best that I keep that to myself for reasons that I will expound upon in the same upcoming chapter mentioned above.
  8. 9~ 6/2(1+2)+2=? (Hint, It’s my favorite number) Eleven. I think. I majored in English to avoid such questions.
  9. Before this point, did you realize that the rules never actually asked you to make up questions for your nominees, or to answer questions from the person who nominated you? (Gotcha! I didn’t realize it either, haha. It’s probably rule # 5, which is also missing… Relax, it’s on the award site that I linked in a different section) I’m an editor. Of course, I noticed. 😉
  10. Who you gonna call? I’m an ’80s girl, so I have to answer, “Ghostbusters.” Beyond that, since my phone died weeks ago, no one.

The Salty Part

I nominated several bloggers for the Unique Blogger Award in August, and no one bothered to answer my questions. Most (who follow my memoir, mind you) didn’t even like the post or thank me. So I’m thanking Alphonso (again) (profusely), taking my award, and exiting stage right.

7 thoughts on “Acknowledging Alphonso: A Thank You for My Liebster Award

  1. Bahaha this is amazing! First off, I don’t blame you for not nominating anyone, I’ve gotten very little response as well from nominees. Secondly, it is 11, And “Ghostbusters” is the correct answer! J love all of your answers to be honest. Lastly, thank you so much for your kind words about me and also about my blog! Now I have to go and check out your pushcart prize nomination, I can’t wait to read your short story… And what should I type in the search bar to get to your other short stories?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve gotten little response (i.e., appreciation). People suck. I’m glad I got the math question right though, lol. Nothing like flunking a quiz for all the world to see. 😉 (Are you one of those people who sees 11:11 every time you glance at a clock?)
      Thank you for supporting my writing. I’m happy to support yours. I look forward to reading your memoir…
      I think is the only other short story that has been published, but a NYC literary agent named a flash fiction piece “honorable mention” a few years ago. That vignette will wind up tucked inside a memoir chapter. I’m a freelance writer by trade, so you can find magazine articles @, but they’re only worth reading if you’re planning on visiting San Diego, Miami, Napa Valley, or CLE. I super appreciate your interest though! 🙂 Have you published anything? If not, I highly recommend checking out and submitting your stuff.


      1. You know, I’ve been becoming more and more interested in freelance writing lately. Seems like it would be a pretty hard field to get into. And thanks for the links! I’ll definitely check out your work, can’t wait

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s a frustrating field to get into. I just wrote four things for a travel bureau and heard, “You’ll get paid sometime this fall.” Sometimes, clients don’t pay at all, and you have to hound them — hence the Twitter campaign #FreelanceIsntFree a few years ago. More on that in upcoming posts…


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