A Warning for the Wicked and Hope for Good Figs Who Lost a Lot While the Wicked Prospered

The following Darrell Scott sermon is dedicated to all of the hypocritical Christians I’ve encountered and a bad—ahem—fig who “went into increase by acquiring what [I] had to let go of.” More about that in an upcoming chapter.


*Note: I will be deleting this post, so please share from the Sermon Notes page, where you can find a handful of sermon transcriptions.


2 thoughts on “A Warning for the Wicked and Hope for Good Figs Who Lost a Lot While the Wicked Prospered

  1. Good sermon and will accept you the way you are and while God is working within you, you are already precious as Gold. It is not even so much as what you will become, but who and what you are. Thank you for being you.

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    1. The fact that you said I’m as “precious as gold” is a crazy coincidence. (You’ll see what I mean in the next memoir chapter.) But it’s the second CLEvangelism-related coincidence in two days. As I transcribed this sermon yesterday, I typed “in spirit and in truth” and wondered what that meant. Ten minutes later, another blogger began following my memoir, and one of her recent posts was: https://redletters.life/2017/05/23/worshipping-god-in-spirit-and-in-truth-part-4/?c=227#comment-227. God works in strange ways, but coincidences always tell me I am where I’m supposed to be, so they’re always appreciated.
      Rambling aside, thank you for the sweet comment! Those are always appreciated, too. 🙂

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